Getting ready to go to bed here. I had an interview today. It went really well I thought. I hope that I get the job, it should be fun. It is completly NOT in the computer field which seems a little odd to me to be looking elsewere. I need to do something I feel like a bump on a log at this point. It will be nice earning some green from a 9-5 type of job. I will continue to do my homebased stuff, as it can only get better.

I have this ebayer who won an auction of mine back on the 30th of October. We have written at first she told me that she would send payment (paypal) on the 8th. I didn’t hear from her and didn’t get payment so I wrote her on the 9th. She said she was sorry but that she hadn’t heard from the person who she was bidding for in the first place, she said maybe Monday (today) or Tuesday. She did write me today to say that the person who she was bidding for really really wanted the item (a powerbook docking station) and to please be patient, however, she couldn’t give me a firm date when I would recieve payment. I wrote he back indicating that I’ve been patient and that she had until Wednesday to send payment at which time I would relist the item and send negative feedback on her. She of course wrote me back saying that it wasn’t her “fault” and that if I did leave negative feedback she would do the same indicating I was less than patient. She also pointed out that I had no payment deadline listed in my auction. I haven’t written back but what do you all think. Am I being less than patient with her? The item she won isn’t going anywhere until payment is recieved I just like these things to go quickly and smoothly and why is she bidding for someone else anyway?!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Not much in particular has been happening. I’ve been downloading movies off of kazaa, reading, walking and thinking. The weather has been keeping me in more. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it it is just a bit cooler these days. I’m afraid that there isn’t much in the way of excitement to share.

It seems that I’m seldom satisfied with most things. I’m always fantasizing about living somewhere else, being with someone else, and of course doing something else for work. I really came upon this point of awareness quite by chance this evening when I was making a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Now for some that know me this is probably a big “duh” and I at least knew it in a disconnected peripheral sort of way, not as a whole. I’m not sure if I need to just sit on this or perhaps dig a bit deeper? If I were to dig deeper does the awareness require that I DO anything about it? Maybe awareness is really all that’s required right now. This actually came about because I was contimplating changing my OS, yet again.