I apparently caused quite a stir last night when we went out. I will say this, I had a few too many and got very upset about all of the office politics that were going on. I’ve never been one to keep my tongue espcially after a few drinks. I’m sorry that I said some unkind things to a couple of people. I really have taken away from this that I need to not hang out with the folks Mike works with and also that I really need to learn to play that game much better, my employment really does depend on it.

I had mixed news today. I didn’t get the job that I applied for and I found out that it was because one of my references gave me a “less than great” reference. I’m pretty sure I know who it is and it only confirms what I suspected about this person all along. Well I Bless them and let them go. On the more enjoyable front my mom sent me a fruit basket and 500 bucks for Thanksgiving. I’ll continue looking for work. Looking for work around Christmas is probably the worst time to look during the whole year. That’s fine I will find the perfect job….