and since I’m chatting up some of the more sacred cows in our overly potilitcally correct world, heres another bit of news that shows at the very least a new strategy for the pro-life faction.

Local news: NAACP seeking charges against officers; rally will protest killing of 2 blacks. It seems to me that the media are partly to blame for the ongoing imagined racism, blacks face. it’s a vicious circle that needs to be stopped. I personally see many parllels between the black/white issue and the arab/jew issue. It seems suspcious at best to me these same incidences happened and there had been a black officer we more than likely wouldn’t be hearing crys of racism, nor would we if the persons shot had been white and the officers black. The media always seems to inform us of the skin color of cop vs. suspect situation. It makes me make me angry as hell.