On another note, the weather has taken a decidely Fallish turn here, it has me positively dancing!! I Love Fall. Another reason for dancing is that my Dad is going to be coming out here to Seattle to visit with Us (Mike, the cats, the rats and me). I’m very happy espcially since it looks like he will be staying for 2 weeks this time. I think that having the 2 weeks this time and having been here once before it will make the visit a lot more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone. I do have 3 things that I want to do while he’s here. I want to take him on the Ferry over the the Olympic Pennisula, to Sequim, Port Angeles. I want to take him down to the International District and some of the shops down there. I think we should also go to the zoo/aquairum while he’s here. Other than that I think we’ll just hangout here and downtown. We have a few things to get for Phyliss while he’s here not the least of which is a butter kugen.

I’ve had a really weird day so far. Last night I had a bunch of dreams about living in California and about William (an old friend). I woke up this morning from the dreams and had that “dream hangover” feeling where even though the dream is over, you just can’t shake the overall feeling of the dream. I really think that the dreams were about feelings of unresolved regret that I have. To make matters even more interesting, I spoke with my friend Hope from California on the phone and she brought up that she had spoken to Ed, who was one of my longer term boyfriends when I lived there. He was a despicable person, mean, shallow, cruel and a mental mess of a human being. This of course doesn’t say much about my state of mind at the time, but then I think most people have that one absolutely shifty relationship that hopefully teaches them what a relationship SHOULD NEVER BE, well Ed Hunter was mine. Anyway, I was talking with Hope who also knew Ed and she was telling me that she spoke with him about 3 weeks ago. I came up because I had called him and wished him well on his birthday, he has stopped tweaking, stopped drinking and supposedly has gotten his life together. Good for Him I say, I always like to hear that someone who’s life was so out of control IS NOW in control. Anyway, it was weird hearing about him the same day that I had just had dreams about one of the other significant relationships in my life at that time. I needed to mention it just because.