I thought I had mentioned that Dad had to go home early (Mobile, AL) because of Isidore. He didn’t have any damage to his home or anything but NaNa really needed him there. I completely understand, although I was a little bummed.

It’s actually raining here, not the sissy wimpy rainy Seattle usually gets, really manly rain. I love it, time to curl up on the couch and cuddle with Mike .. damn he’s at work.

A few things to bitch about first and then gratitude to be able to bitch. I pulled some muscles in my neck a few weeks back and they are still sore. It is almost comical the way it happened. I was showering and washing my face when I guess I was washing way way too vigorously, and there was this sudden sharp pain. I thought for a moment that I had snapped my neck. I’ve always had problems (since adulthood) with my back muscles. according to her, back problems represent support issues. Who knows. Anyway, my neck has been really stiff now for the past couple of weeks. Maybe I just need new pillows. I guess the only other thing I was going to bitch about is work, or the lack thereof. It’s funny how your self-esteem is so tied up in what you “do” and how much you “make”. I’m technically not unemployed as I have a bunch of things that I do. The problem seems to be that I don’t have those 2000.00 paychecks every 2 weeks anymore. I’ve exhausted my UI benes and so now we live meagerly, though wealthy in Love and all of the more important areas of what Life is really about. I am drawing comfort from my shared employment status with the rest of the country and particularly with Washingtonians, as we seem to have the highest unemployment rate right now, for my type of work.

coffee break—

Ok now that the sweet sweet caffeine is coursing through my brain on to the more positives. There ARE more opportunities for work then there were this time last year. I have a much clearer idea of what I don’t want to be doing and what I can and will do. Mike and I are managing a lot better than most of our friends seem to be (with 2 incomes). I’m happier in general than I have ever been. The past 9 months have been a time of Blessings in spite of the appearances. I have had a chance to put my spiritual beliefs to the test, a chance to live on the growing edge of my beliefs. Work will come in its own time and there is a whole lot of “newness” unfolding everyday. I’ve been able to visit with my Dad for which I’m very grateful, and this time was even more fun than the first visit. I’ve come to appreciate where I live even more. Seattle is really the best place that I could be for right now.

My Dad is in town now til the first week of October. It been nice having him here. After my mom died and my step-mom and he got divorced we were seperated by time and circumstance. I found him a little over 2 years ago last February, it had been 26 years since we saw each other. I was 11/12 the last time. It’s amazing how well we get along and how much of him I see in myself. It’s been a really healing journey the past couple of years, filling in the hole that my Mom’s death caused and the subsequent removal of all my biological relatives. I took him down to the Market and have been sharing my passion for all things Seattle, the food, the people the weather. He lives in Alabama these days so it’s really cool to see how excited he gets about some of the stuff up here. He’s really just a 63 year old hippy.

Why are geeks so fascinated with Will Wheaton.? I have seen no less than 4 articles detailing either the switch to Linux that he has made or some other aspect of his life. I don’t get it.

I’ve been contemplating this a lot more these days. It seems to me that the goverment is looking for something to distract the media away from this. Also, in the blog world Jonno has returned from self imposed Summer vacation, and Rupaul as returned to witty-barbs and west hollywood truism’s.

and since I’m chatting up some of the more sacred cows in our overly potilitcally correct world, heres another bit of news that shows at the very least a new strategy for the pro-life faction.

Local news: NAACP seeking charges against officers; rally will protest killing of 2 blacks. It seems to me that the media are partly to blame for the ongoing imagined racism, blacks face. it’s a vicious circle that needs to be stopped. I personally see many parllels between the black/white issue and the arab/jew issue. It seems suspcious at best to me these same incidences happened and there had been a black officer we more than likely wouldn’t be hearing crys of racism, nor would we if the persons shot had been white and the officers black. The media always seems to inform us of the skin color of cop vs. suspect situation. It makes me make me angry as hell.