Muggy is one of my least favorite weather conditions to live in. It was muggy and uncomfortable here in North Seattle. The good part of the muggy business is that I was inspired to make something cool and satifying for dinner so I made a fabulous (even if I do say so myself) green salad with braised shredded chicken breasts. I also had a hankering for tom kah kai (Thai lemon chicken coconut soup), and so I made up a batch using my friend Kim’s chilis (oh so spicy). Mike liked it I liked it even the ratties got in on the leftover rice action. Ratties love rice and mine all love cukes also. Ok I’m starting to babble now so it’s time to head to bed. It’s only 10:49 must be all of that mugginess again.

There are so many cool hipster Blog sites out there, it’s the new poseur venue. I feel so dull and uninspired, so raw and real, like the Oklahoma cousin in the big city. It’s almost like High School all over again.