It was a talkitive day today, a lot of conversations. That LA entry really was a realization. One of my goals in journalling is to put into words for myself what’s swimming in my awareness and hopefully in the process have a few “aha moments” . It’s cheaper than therapy and more fun. I’m planning to fly to LA next month and stay with Hope most of the time that I’m there. I’ll either rent a car or borrow Hopes to get my stuff out of storage and into the thriftstores.. anyone want an Apple IIGS, with every know manual printed for it? I do have a bunch of things like my journals and sketchpads from 30 years ago, some antiques and such that I want to bring back or ship back here to Seattle. Once thats all done I need to finally switch over my Cali drivers license to a WA and be done with that part and time of my life.

These are some of my goals for the upcoming Quarter.

I want to learn German

I want to learn VB6
As my first project I will create an app that does the Mahobet chart

I want to learn HTML

I am going to make Director this month

I am going to get a part-time job at Borders this month

Mike and I are going to move Downtown in January

I am going to visit back east this fall

I am going to take care of the rest of my things in LA by November 1 of this year

I am going to start tithing 10% of my income because I know that the Universe is unlimited
and this is good for my circulation thinking

I am going to get a new car.

For some reason I started thinking a lot about West Hollywood today. I miss a whole lot of things about living there, interestingly most of them are retail in nature. The weather doesnt’ hold appeal for me as it’s almost always warm and sunny. I like my 4 seasons or at least 3, Fall being the most important to me. Life was much more of a struggle there than anywere I’ve lived before. I think that part of Weho’s appeal for me is that I met a lot of interesting people while I lived there, I grew a lot there and the struggle is something that calls me back as a sort of challenge. Being were I am now in life really changes the whole picture of Weho for me. I am not into the bar/A-list/poseur boy club scene so that holds no value in my estimation. I like places with moody weather, big storms rain, and sunny days too, Weho doesn’t have those, although the weather there is certainly not intolerable. Most of my friends have left Weho, it’s more of a stopping ground for those in there 20’s and early 30’s to kind of experiment and play with there life. Most of my friends have moved on into longterm relationships or babys and familys, moving back east to settle down or up North to communitys that support there more adult lifestyle. I guess in the longer view of things the reason I’m somtimes attracted to moving back, or living there is the lure of places familar and younger, the excitement of life in LA, to see how I would do things differently than I did when I lived there before.

On a similar note, the whole moving bug that I have is a little wierd to me. I Love Love Love litving here in Seattle. You might not know it from reading this journal, but I do. The weather, the feel of the city everything about Seattle blends really well with who I am at this point in my life. I do feel a certain distance from my family, my dad (and Phyliss) my sister (Karen) and my step-mom, although that last one doesn’t make sense to me. I love my mom, but our relationship works better long distance (both physical and emotional). The East coast that overly saturated part of the country where everyone lives piled on top of each other and all paying through the nose for the privilige. I dont’ understand the desire to be “closer to my family” when I can call them just as easily now as visit if I lived next door. Moving back east isn’t (logically) going to bring me any closer to my family (emotionally). I like were I am, with Mike the cats and our ratties. San Fran is too too expensive and becoming more and more like LA all the time. I think the visiting thing is a good thing, but the moving thing for right now anyway isn’t going to happen. I like having space and not being piled on top of one another.