Conscious Catholicism

Mike and I decide to spend yesterday up on Capitol Hill and Downtown. Well, on the way there we were witnesses to a really narly car accident. It shook Mike up a bit and so he decided he wanted to have a drink, which led to 2 which led to 3. Once he starts drinking he gets to a point where the objective becomes less about enjoying himself and more about getting drunk. Well, I was ok with the having a fun and relaxing afternoon but when it came to be 8:30 9ish I was ready to go home and I was certainly ready for him to stop drinking, I switched him over to coke, which he was actually ok with. Well, the bartender brings us our tab, but it wasn’t for what we had had, it was for more. I refused to pay it until the brought a correct tab. I was told that “we’ll get the money with or without you”, I said fine that if they felt that way they could deal with the credit card company, I wasn’t about to sign that bar tab. I told Mike we were leaving, but it didn’t register, he stayed in the bar. I got about half way up the street when I realized that he wasn’t just being slow he was staying. I attempted to go back to get him, but of course I was now 86’ed from the bar so they wouldn’t let me back into the place. So I’m standing on the street yelling for Mike, he finally hears me and leaves, but almost immediately starts berating me and scolding me, which of course doesn’t make me very happy. I tell him that I’m leaving and that he needs to stop yelling at me and get in the car. He was too caught up in yelling, and venting his feelings of embarassment at the scense that he felt I had caused at the bar. I tell him again, I’m leaving I would really like for you to get in the car if you want me to give you a ride home. He didn’t so I said fine, I’m going home and I did. As soon as I got home I called a friend of ours and told her what had happened and that he was drunk, biligerant and up on Capitol Hill. She went up and somehow managed to fine him. She shouldn’t have brought him home she should have taken him to her house, or maybe I should have gotten a hotel room for the night, in any event He arrived back here. I was glad that he was at least at home safe. I wasn’t glad because he immediately started up again, except now it was about me abandoning him on Capitol Hill. Then he starts in on all sorts of personel attacks, and it’s obvious at this point that he is trying to pick a fight with me. I go to get my blanket so that I can sleep in the truck, but he won’t leave me alone, so I grab the plate that he’s making chicken with and throw it againest the wall, yelling leave me alone, I’m leaving isn’t that enough. Well, it wasn’t he starts in on you hit me you hit me, I’m calling the cops I’m calling the cops. Cops get called they arrive, they talk with him they talk with me. I explain everything that I’ve written here. He’s in the livingroom still yelling at me, you hit me you hit me. The cops threaten to take me to jail, but say that they have no evidence that I hit him. Mike calls Mandy and he tells the cops that he is going to stay at her house. He leaves the cops stay and warn me again that if they have to come back out that I will be going to jail. I tell them that they won’t have to. They leave and I try to get some sleep. I think it’s obvious that our relationship has suffered a major breach and I’m not sure it can be fixed.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.