Another death

From my sister,

Ken and Franca –

Just wanted to keep you in the loop.  My father (my step-father) passed away this morning.  He had been on oxygen for a couple days and his condition had been bad for a while now.  And then he just stopped breathing.  According to Ed there may be some sort of memorial service (he is being cremated)  on Monday or Tuesday… I don;t think I will be going.  But we will see.  Anyway, just thought I would let you know. 

Also, — on a lighter note –wanted to share some cute photos with you from when my friend Kim and I took the babies to Sesame Street Place in PA this past weekend.  She LOVED it – met Elmo and the Count and Bert and the whole gang! 

– end of letter –

I’m sad and a bit philosophical about Paul’s death. He was an atheist his whole life and although I certainly don’t accept the judeo-christian myth. I do expect that there is something after we die, at least until the brain completely shutdown. Paul was fairly young however he smoked a pack a day at least every day of his life, he after he was diagnosed with lung and bone cancer. He knew back in March that he had terminal cancer and from what Karen has told me he was very much Paul about the whole thing, very stoic and matter of fact. I’ll miss him a bit even though I really didn’t see much of him after my mom and he divorced. I think I feel most badly for Karen, as he was never there for her after the divorce, didn’t even come to her wedding. He barely made it to his mothers funeral, which was just over a year ago, or maybe two, I’ve had so many folks die in the past 3 years now that it is getting really hard to keep track. Well, I’m going to have a big bowl of spaghetti’s and meat gravy and for desert homemade chocalatte chip cookies and milk.

Wow, I woke up this monring and suddenly were back to “normal” Seattle weather, it’s overcast, moist and cool out. It’s certainly a nice nice change from the sweltering heat wave we’ve been having, at least I think so. Today, I’m going to clean and bake bread. Mike’s birthday is this weekend and we are having some friends over tomorrow. He is going to see the Village people tonight at the Showbox. I have the whole day and most of the night to myself, how nice. Time for more coffee, maybe I’ll catch a show later on this morning, it is only 730 here, or maybe I’ll go hangout downtown today, I like that idea, espcially with the weather being what it is.

My credit card company was actually nice to me when I called them. They reversed some charges and credited me even though a mistake was mine. I also got a check in the mail today, life is good, I think it’s going to be pizza for dinner tonight, yum pizza. Off on my daily walk.

The RIAA Sucks everything worse than bad

My favorite online radio has been shut down because of the all the legal noise that the RIAA has been kicking up. This bums me to know end. The logic (if it can be called that) goes like this, We’re (RIAA) going to financially choke you out of business because we feel that by playing and exposing our artists to a larger population that we are somehow missing out on a lot of potential income.

Well, I wrote to both of my Senators and my representative, Jay Inslee (whom I like). If you’ve bought any music as a result of listening to an online station and you think this is an important issue, please go here

That is all. If anyone knows of any really good Ambient internet radio stations email me please.

Boring techhead stuff now approaching

I’ve found an OS X solution to my ongoing battle with popups and popunders. I found a wonderful hosts file and merged it into NetInfo, told my system to check it’s local hosts first than the network and voila my popups/unders are mostly a thing of the past. I also set IE to ask on a site by site basis for cookies permission. It’s amazing to me how many sites want to deposit cookies on my machine, like so many dogs marking territory.

Yesterday Mike and I went downtown, it was just such a nice day for an outing. We went to go see the exhibition of John Waters photos down at the Greg Kucera gallery. There were a few photos that I definitely wanted, both of them had Edith Massey in them. We strolled along 3rd ave. towards Pine, and went through some of our favorite bookstores. Heading towards the Market we had a plan for lunch, we were going to go from one end to the other and pickup a few things a few things there. We ended up with peroshikis, chocolate eclairs, REAL german potato salad, landjagger’s (german sausage/salami’s), and Underberg (a very strong tasting appertif, like liccorise). Having gathered our lunch we headed down to the waterfront to sit and eat, what a beautiful day, it was like a picnic. Afterwards we headed home and just hung out, talked, drank coffee and played on the computers.

My sister called me today, she got an email from Uncle Eddie, that her father has been transfered to a nursing home, and the doctors give him about a month now. She isn’t espcially close to her dad, he was never there for her when she was growing up. It’s kind of wierd, I always seem to forgot how much of a dynamic there is in a family until I either talk with my mom, my sister or my aunt.

Today is absolutely beautiful out, I took a walk this morning to deposit some money into the checking account, I have been walking at least 30 mins. each day. After I got back I dropped Mike off at his meeting and now I’m home. I’m going to relax and take it easy for the rest of the day. It’s up to 80 outside which is pretty warm here. More later on.

Depression was getting to me a bit earlier on this morning. You’d think that not working would make one happy, not having to do anything but cook and clean. Well, you’d be wrong. Stir crazy is not just a state of mind. Actually I think it’s the not having money coming in more than anything else. In fact I’m sure of it. If I had oh say 4000.00 income every week well than I would be more than happy cause I sure as hell wouldn’t be in this house. Well, changes ARE happening. My life is turning all upside down and around and it has been for awhile now. I’m just trying to hold on to myself which is the only thing familar and stable. Work isn’t, my home isn’t, Michael isn’t (as much as I love him), money certainly isn’t. I’m really at a loss as to what to do to change things. I’m not lazy and would happily change whatever to at least be able to move forward, to at least feel like I was moving forward, but I have nothing to do, the familar is obviously not working, or then again maybe it is and I’m just not picking up the clue phone. Part of me feels like I’m just having to ride-out the storm as it, but than there is that part that says you know this is an oppurtunity to make some big, grand and important changes in your life, to move it in the direction you would really like it to be going in. By the way did I mention that I’m a romantic as far as life goes, that I think we should all live in our own Secret Garden and most of my pain in life has been about discovering that there really are thorns and unfriendly dragons. If all this sounds a bit crazy, it’s my space and I’ll vent as I please, so as to not mess up the carpeting.

On a completely different note, Mikes birthday is in 2 weeks, ironic that his birthday is on the “official” gay pride day.

I think it’s time for a tatoo. I like to get tatoos whenever as a type of ritual to mark life changes or sigificant events, it’s my take on Urban Paganism.

Time to get dressed and go pickup Mike. One of the PC’s died yesterday. Which means that we are completely a house of macs now, well almost, there is that one little bebox.