Conscious Catholicism

It’s usually around this time of year that I get a bit introspective, ok ok more so than any other day.  I’m looking back at the past year and the picture of what I wanted to see happen in what was to be the coming year has for the most part materialized.  I knew last year around this time that I was going to propose to Lonnie, I assumed he’d say yes, I mean how could he not.  I wanted most of this past year to be about supporting choices that would move both of us forward, financially and spiritually.  Lonnie’s finished (mostly) with school and well on his way to gainful employment doing something he’s always wanted to do.  This alone provides me with the warm fuzzys on the inside.  Business wise we both really hit the road strong growing our Melaleuca businesses earlier in the year.  I’ve really enjoyed building the business. Its taught me so many things about myself, other people and boundarys.  The area that has suffered most of all would have to be our social lives.  We used to be doing something from Friday til most every Sunday afternoon  last but especially since last January things have died down considerably.   Granted WE were focused on school and work so that would account for most of the lost socializing and then there are the financial considerations which I think make up a large part the other reason our social life had receded.  So its been a really year of growth as a couple as well as individually.  Work for me has been a case of the devil I know versus that one I don’t yet know.  I’m really growing tired of working in the field I am.  I’ve been wearing one hat or another in the Information Technology field now for over twenty-five years.  I’m grateful for what I have as well as the perks that come with it.   It’s time, I’d like to be doing something brand new, something that I can be passionate AND that actually makes money.  After a lot of contemplation this Summer, I really think that something has to do with Food, Nutrition and Health.  I also know I really prefer being my own boss, I loathe office politics pretty much more than anything.  One of the things that I hadn’t anticipated this year was how much both of us would be dealing with our past choices.  We’ve both made a huge amount of headway bringing resolution to these choices so that we could move forward.  The best part is that we’ve done all of this together.  It has in my opinion really reinforced, cementing our relationship and how we support each other. 

So that’s a brief picture of were I see things today.  By this time next year, I’d really like to see Lonnie settled into his new role/job. I’m going to continue to expand and build my business.  I’m going to reinvent my career in the coming year.  I don’t know yet how that looks but I’m certain that I’ll be working somewhere in the Food/Nutrition/Health industry either independently or at the very least much closer to home in Orange County. I do not want to still be making a daily 88 mile round trip commute to Los Angeles.  I see us socializing more, especially now that our schedules allow it.  I see my Melaleuca business growing, helping change peoples lives.  These are pretty good goals for the coming year, not too much and not so little either.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.