Moving to the cloud

Right around the holidays I started reflecting not just on the previous year but on also on the technology in my life and how it gets used.  I’ve always been one to appreciate simplicity, ease of use as well as minimalism, not just in my home life but also in all things technical.  A clean desktop without tons of icons runs better and is easier to be more productive on. A computer running only the software that is necessary to get the job done is far easier to maintain and troubleshoot than one with bloated with software.  So as the year came to an end I set about reducing the number of devices I use as well as coming up with an effective solution for maintaining cross platform compatibility when it comes to my data.  We all use tons of data, everything from our address book to recipes to Facebook to twitter to of course the probably 1000’s of pictures and music files we all have. I needed a way to not only have a “hard” copy one but to also have that sync’d to my online cloud services.  This was my big geeky project for the Winter break, to consolidate all of the many folders of data scattered about on Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones and my Windows phone.  The second part of the project was to sync this now aggregated, organized folder up to the cloud services that I use, which currently are OneDrive and Dropbox.  Just a side note, I’ve become more and more attracted to Android and Google and easily see myself moving over to this platform if Microsoft doesn’t get its next iteration of Windows phones just right. So knowing that i had to sync in a three way configuration I was on the hunt for either and app or a service that would accomplish this easily and without complicating my life or taking away from my rather limited time.  The solution I’ve found and can highly recommend is cloudHQ, it in fact was built with this very scenario in mind.  I’m really happy that I found this service and can recommend them if you are looking to accomplish creating an organized, redundantly backed up centralized folder system available on ALL your devices  There web address is  Let them know Ken sent you if you do and let me know what your experience is as well.

I woke up and found Romeo had died sometime in during the night last night. I’m glad that he isn’t suffering any longer. They are so fragile, 2 years isn’t a long life span. I ran some errands this afternoon and now I’m just hanging out. I’m going to read in a little bit.

recovering and hopeful

I slept most of today, god I hate it when i drink. I always feel so dirty afterwards. I wasn’t completely useless today, I shopped went to the bank and applied for a job up in Edmonds. Matt is going to cut our hair (Mike and I) this coming weekend.

On a competely different not, I have a growing interest in Xiatianity going on, the idea of absolutes is so appealing to me at this time in my life. I don’t see anything other than more involvement with Catholicism happening, let’s review I’m gay, Xiatianity doesn’t have a model which I fit into neatly, I just always have to keep that in mind. anyway, just more ranting on my part. It’s just the pre-birthday funk going on. How old will I be, 38 woo-hoo. I like the round-ness of that number. 2001 sucked, it was a year full of death and seperation of uncertainty and mayhem. The only thing of significant goodness to come out of it for me anyway, was my reunion with my father after 26 years. California died for me this year, so did my second most significant relationship/frienshp. It’s time to move on and for that I’m happy as I can only see goodness and expansion in the future. In a lot of ways I feel like I’m leaving a dark cloud behind me and moving to the light of day.

As to what I want to do for work. I’m not sure really. I know a few things that I’ve taken away from my experiences in CS, I’m short tempered, I frustrate easily, I’m smarter than most and don’t tolerate ignornance or indecisiveness well. I like yes no answers and if you don’t know what you want don’t talk to me until you do. What all of this says to me is that CS techinical support although I’m very good at it is probably not what I should be doing. I enjoy building and fixing creating and making things with computers. I enjoy everything about books, being around them, the most satisfactory work I’ve ever done was working in bookstores. It doesn’t pay well, but it is the most “soul-feeding” work I’ve done. I enjoy cooking but don’t see that at this point in my life that is going to go anywhere. I also enjoy being a “house-husband” as well. I can really see myself doing a number of things, working part-time in a bookstore, as well as having some type of business operating out the house. I think that’s mostly what I’m going to focus on in the coming year.

I also want to focus on getting into good physical shape, I have a gym membership I need to use it.

I would also like to grow my programming skills, specifically I would like to learn to program in C++. Computer-wise I would also like to save enough money to buy a G4. I would like to make the switch over to OS X.

Finally I would also like to finally get the rest of my things from California. I think that the best way to do that is to fly down and then drive back (renting a car). I don’t imagine that I will be bringing back a lot, but you never know. I would like to do this before the end of february. Of course I am going to continue to get this home organized as I have been since the beginning of December, it really is making a difference. I think that these are my goals for 2002, learning to program, find my nitch workwise, tie-up my loose ends with sourthern california. and get things organized in my personal life. Sounds pretty good to me.

I feel better already.

I’m JOHN McVIE, the bassist of Fleetwood Mac! I’m quiet, humble, and inconspicuous. I lurk in the background at big events and I occasionally mumble when I talk. I dress casually, as if I just pick something off the floor and put it on.

I rock the bass on songs like “The Chain” and “Gold Dust Woman.”

Which member of Fleetwood Mac are you?

I saw the Lord of the Rings today. Wow! it was everything I had been hoping it would be and little to nothing that I didn’t want, I got there about an hour before the movie opened, there was already a line. Based in part on seeing the movie and an article on Slashdot I’ve found my old copy of the BBC’s radio broadcast of LOTR, I’m going to give them a relisten.

I was going to buy tickets for LOTR for the midnight showing, sold out, I bought a ticket for the morning show, at 10am, a rather odd hour to see a movie I’m looking forward to it none the less. Scott Hacker wrote a really good piece on his experiences as a BeOS refuge, I relate to a number of his observations. I have a sense of “if onlys” sometimes when I’m in Be. Toby is telling me it’s time to go join Mike in bed, Dexter is meowing at me to come to bed also… more tomorrow after the movie.

Falling Forward

It’s usually around this time of year that I get a bit introspective, ok ok more so than any other day.  I’m looking back at the past year and the picture of what I wanted to see happen in what was to be the coming year has for the most part materialized.  I knew last year around this time that I was going to propose to Lonnie, I assumed he’d say yes, I mean how could he not.  I wanted most of this past year to be about supporting choices that would move both of us forward, financially and spiritually.  Lonnie’s finished (mostly) with school and well on his way to gainful employment doing something he’s always wanted to do.  This alone provides me with the warm fuzzys on the inside.  Business wise we both really hit the road strong growing our Melaleuca businesses earlier in the year.  I’ve really enjoyed building the business. Its taught me so many things about myself, other people and boundarys.  The area that has suffered most of all would have to be our social lives.  We used to be doing something from Friday til most every Sunday afternoon  last but especially since last January things have died down considerably.   Granted WE were focused on school and work so that would account for most of the lost socializing and then there are the financial considerations which I think make up a large part the other reason our social life had receded.  So its been a really year of growth as a couple as well as individually.  Work for me has been a case of the devil I know versus that one I don’t yet know.  I’m really growing tired of working in the field I am.  I’ve been wearing one hat or another in the Information Technology field now for over twenty-five years.  I’m grateful for what I have as well as the perks that come with it.   It’s time, I’d like to be doing something brand new, something that I can be passionate AND that actually makes money.  After a lot of contemplation this Summer, I really think that something has to do with Food, Nutrition and Health.  I also know I really prefer being my own boss, I loathe office politics pretty much more than anything.  One of the things that I hadn’t anticipated this year was how much both of us would be dealing with our past choices.  We’ve both made a huge amount of headway bringing resolution to these choices so that we could move forward.  The best part is that we’ve done all of this together.  It has in my opinion really reinforced, cementing our relationship and how we support each other. 

So that’s a brief picture of were I see things today.  By this time next year, I’d really like to see Lonnie settled into his new role/job. I’m going to continue to expand and build my business.  I’m going to reinvent my career in the coming year.  I don’t know yet how that looks but I’m certain that I’ll be working somewhere in the Food/Nutrition/Health industry either independently or at the very least much closer to home in Orange County. I do not want to still be making a daily 88 mile round trip commute to Los Angeles.  I see us socializing more, especially now that our schedules allow it.  I see my Melaleuca business growing, helping change peoples lives.  These are pretty good goals for the coming year, not too much and not so little either.