I’m tired and I’m going to go home. Sean, my boss got fired today. Jason O has taken his place. It’s a little odd having someone who is a friend be your boss. I’m going home.

More later.

I haven’t written in longer than I would have liked. A lot has been going on. Noah got out during a windstorm we had about 2 weeks ago and hasen’t come home since. I’m ok with this mostely, except every now and then I think of him freezing or getting hit by a car and it just sends a wave of panic and sorrow through me. Dexter, sitts at the door crying and Bagerra just wanders the house aimlessly crying. We had decided just prior to Noah’s escape that we were going to get a little brother for him. We decided afterwards that it was probably still a good idea, so now we have a new addition to our little family, Tobey. Tobey is a Manx (rescue) that I got, he is the cutest thing and incredibly friendly. He has 7 toes on each of the front paws and 5 on each of the back. Large tufts of hair come out of his ears, and he seems to have boundless kitten energy. He is getting along really well with BOTH Dexter and Bagerra which is always a good thing.

We’ve been going out a bit more these days, drinking on the hill, always fun. We took Mathew out for Drinks and Dinner on Friday night and then on Saturday we went to a Halloween party in W. Seattle. Mike, Mandy, and myself went as the 3 ugly gals from DejaVu and Jason went as our pimp. It was a lot of fun. I had a couple guys at the party that kept wanting to grab my boobies.

The weather is definately getting cooler, we had our first snow (in the mountains) last night (Monday). The clouds have all cleared out so the Olympics are just breathtaking. I’m looking forward to getting home as I really don’t like being here anymore. I don’t like some of the folks that I work with. They are young and all that comes with that. I still keeping my eye out for a new job and when it comes it comes. I’m not to concerned at the moment. Tim’s out of the office which always make it more low key around here, a good thing.

I have a pot roast cooking in the crock pot for when I get home tonight, Yum .. and I’m feeling a little frisky so Mike better watch out.

It’s a really cool morning here in Seattle, overcast and misty, what a great Fall day. It’s funny how Summer here leaves so abruptly. 3 weeks ago, it was still fairly warm and Sunny no trace of Fall in the air at all and then BAM all of a sudden it’s Fall, crisp nights, I love it, it makes me feel alive and excited and horny. I’ve been downlooding just shitloads of music off of Audiogalaxy. I also have reinstalled the newest Beta of windowsXP. I like the speed increase over Win2k there are definately some things to be said FOR it. I don’t like the Big Brother aspects of it reporting what I install or what I use on my machine to anyone, and unless they change that in the end I will be more than likely migrating (as I already am) to using a Mac with OSX 10.1, which everyone seems to gush about. We (Mike and I) are off to Cindi’s House of Pancakes for the best cheesy hash browns and NY steak breakfast anywhere . More later

I’m irritated with work, with where I live, and with most of my relationships. What is this grumpiness and general malaise about life I’m experiencing. Just poop on it all.