I hate fridays at work, I hate my job in general I hate it I tell you. I want to win the lottery, I don’t want to have to work. I want to have my investments work for me. I know I’m bitching but I really wish that either I had been born stupid and lemming like or smart enough to become wealthy.

I’m finally returning to a sense of the normal. we had visitors this weekend, Mikes sister and brother in law. It was a lot of fun having them here. We ended up having an impromptu party, break out the fondue Martha. It was a blast. We also did the obligatory Pikes Market tour, not that I mind, I love the Market, it is the Soul of Seattle a damn good thing they didn’t get rid of it. I hate the tourists but they only come out from May to Sept. They all go back to there homes somewhere in the Midwest or the South. Well just a quick catch up nothing witty to say, nothing exciting nothing controversial, Go Republicanism!!! rah rah rah.

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a Republican I could like

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it was really there all along, maybe it’s even genetic, however, I’m finding myself, despite my better intentions, siding more and more with the Republicans on the economy on social issues, mind you not the ultra conservative religous Republicans, but the more normal everyday joe kind of Republicans. What would the Queens of West Hollywood think.

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I don’t know quite how to deal with the Terrorist attack. It seems so remotely close, if that were possible. I’m just feeling really wierd in general for the last week. We are definately going to be moving downtown, just have to save the buckeroos for the move and find the next place to call home. I’m glad that we will be doing this before Xmas. I’m looking forward to being downtown. I recieved my copy of eComstation last week. I want to get the SMP upgrade to it.

I don’t even know what to say, what can be said. There has been a terrorist attack on America, 2 planes flew into the World Trade Center, which is no more, people jumping to there death. The Towers crashing to the ground, they are no more. The Pentagon was attacked as well, a huge hole, fire death and injury. A plane went down outside of Pittsburgh as well. How horrific.

I went to the doctor the other day because I haven’t been in a REALLY long time and because I wanted to talk about weight and my continuous sadness. Is that even a word, continuous. He made me turn my head and cough, he told me that I need to lose weight, and he gave me a 3 week supply of paxil. I am taking the paxil, rejoining a gym and feeling all very accomplished and pleased with myself for taking care of me. Did I mention that I have had way too much coffee and really should be in bed?

Tomorrow/today we are getting our Direct TV dish, we’ve arrived honey we’ve arrived white trash heaven couch potato bliss, it’s cheaper than the cable, we are probably going to buy this condo, we’ve been here now 2 years and Mike lived here 1 year before that, and because I want to and I am ken.

I was watching the Sandra Bernhard Experinece on cable tonight, she had some really cool guests, in particular Lea Delaria, whom I love. Anyway, I could only watch it in like 5 min. segments because she is so annoying and rude. Mind you I like her but god, do you think you could let your guests speak more than 10 secs before interupting them. I’m going to get some water and go to sleep, good night John Boy