work is busy busy busy…I am taking Mike out to dinner tonight for his Birthday, we are going Itlatian I thnk

ok I started writing this at 9am this morning and it is now 1:50pm what does that say about my day?

you know I just noticed today while browsing around on MTV that you never hear about any of the artitsts that I grew up with anymore, another sign that I’m aging. The music that I grew up with like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Disco, KISS, Pat Benatar , Led Zepplin, all of these people are quickly approaching Senior Citizen status, that’s another odd thing is that the artists I would listen to and my mom would berate were from the same generation, almost the same age in some instances, that’s kinda fun in some way.

I haven’t written in awhile. Things have been pretty standard. Work, Home, Dinner, TV, Bed. Mikes birthday is coming up on Thursday. This past weekend we went to a concert, Bjorn Again the Shobox downtown. It was a lot of fun. Saturday we had a barbeque over at Mandy and Jasons. It was a lot of fun, lots of friends. Sunday was Pride day here in Seattle, it actually rained which is very unusual as it almost never rains on Pride day. Mike and I drove up and found a parking spot, a Miracle in the truest sense. We really didn’t want to see the parade, it’s nothing more than a shameless display of gay commercialism. We walked up to the park and had lunch. We were meeting Matt and a couple of other friends at Charlies on Broadway for dinner and drinks at 7pm which turned out really nice. Having a couple of hours to kill we decided to take in a movie at the Broadway Market, We saw Big Eden. We both really enjoyed it. After dinner and such we went home to watch the season finally of Queer as Folk, Mike had been to one of the spoiler sites, cheater so he already knew what was going to happen. I enjoyed it none the less. Well that catchs everyone up …

just a few notes. We had to put squiggles to sleep yesterday, it was very sad. I’m happy for him and we certainly tried all that we could, having spent close to 300.00 on vet bills. Well anyway, he is in a better place now. The other boys are on antibiotics to prevent them from getting the same thing.

I got a new job that starts on Monday, at Spot Taxi. Very much looking forward to it.

Dads going on vacation

Hopes moving someplace.

you can’t ignore the water in Seattle, we are surrounded by it

Mikes incredible and I Love him

Dexters an attention pig

nothing special. rented Quills yesterday for viewing today. found a very cool websiteif I could only get to it again. Picking up Mathew and going to install a new graphics card for Rebecca and Gary. Still feeling kinda pissy, Squiggles is doing ok, but we will see what the vet has to say after his visit tomorrow. Mike and I don’t want him to go through what Ethel did with the mico. We will put him down first. I’m really upset about this maybe that’s why I’m in such a pissy mood these past few days.

What a long crappy day! Traffic was hellish everywhere. 2 of my computers, one that I’m selling, and the other that was just upgraded yesterday, died. And and Squiggles has mico, which means we are going to have to put him to sleep now, before he loses wieght and sufficates to death. I’m pissy, sad, angry, sore (my back) and just overal ICKY. Good things were around today, I have a second interview at SpotTaxi and I did get in and hour and a half consultancy with a client today (that’s 175.00). I’m getting 250 for the older laptop that another person is buying from me. Financially things are going really well it’s just the other stuff that kind of put me in a sour mood.