Just hanging out and actually having a really nice night. Mike and I watched Queer as Folk as per usual. I caught a glimpse of Babs on the Chris Issack show during the promo and so I tuned in. Sure enough it was her episode, she played a groopie, I mean Muse. It was really nice to see her on TV, she films differently then she looks. On a geekier note, I aww forget it.. geekiness is boring. Dad called to say he was heading to Pennsacola for a couple of days to go fishing. Good for him, what a charmed life he’s had so far. Matt called to say, hello, and I haven’t heard from you (us) in awhile oh yeah and I’m bored out of mind at this store, why am I working on a saturday. I think he will go out tonight. I’m going downtown tomorrow and applying for a job at the bookstore. I am also going to be beefing up my online search and aquiring some more headhunters. Gotta do it.

more tomorrow.

Well I trashed OS/2 on my system.. I couldn’t get the sound to work for the TV app, and just felt like I was holding my machine back. I really like OS/2 but.. andyway, I have Libranet on my system now along with my trusty BeOS partiton. I am pleased as punch with LibraNet, Debian based and very very easy to manage. I haven’t heard anything from IBM regarding the OS/2 position. I am kind of sick of the whole job search thing, but I have to plod on. I have had heartburn for the last several days.

The weather has been really freaky, one min. sunny then rain, then not. well off to job search.

the 26 year circle

Well Dad left a couple of days ago. Mike and I took him to the airport really early so that he could head back to Alabama. I quit smoking and have been sleeping for the last couple of days to get through the nicotine withdrawl. I wish I had something deep and insightful to say about my Dad’s visit but I don’t. I really enjoyed his company, He’s everything I expected, and a few things I didn’t (not bad). He came bearing pictures and such, I now have some really old ones of my Grt. Grandparents on my dad’s side. We drank a little and hung out with my friends, it was very pleasant. I will visit again with him, except now it’s Our turn to visit down there. Anyone, reading this have anything nice to say about “gay Alabama”. That sounds like an oxymoron, spelling pun intended. Well, off to play some more on the puter.

Just a quick entry, I haven’t slept really well since last Thursday. Anxious about my dad coming into town, Lucys passing, Mikes fucked up work schedule, my very bad and consistant hairdays. I told Mike last night I was going to shave my head again, it’s just so convient, he hates it when my hair is that short. Says I look like an S/M dungeon Master. I like it, the short hair thing not the dungeon master, well maybe not the dungeon master thing. I’ve also been really busy reorganizing and cleaning up the dreaded closets of doom, yawn yawn. I’m up for a contract at IBM, downtown, I REALLY hope I get it. It’s a support posiiton for OS/2 which would be really fun. Stumble hasn’t updated in a while, part of my routine you know to read Slashdot, Stumble, Soma, Benews, Begroovy, os2world, and of course my email. I’m an Operating Systems whore or perhaps slut, not sure which one, what’s the difference anyway? lunch more later.