well, I haven’t written in a few days not that anyone really reads these entrys anyway. today was good. Mike worked the day shift so I had the morning and most of the afternoon to myself and the kids. I cleaned …………a lot. 7 bags of garbage later and the house was looking really almost Martha Stewartish. We were planning on having Mathew over for dinner so I wanted the house really clean and I also had to go to the store. I was going to the make crokpot chicken dish that I make but I have had this craving for Italian food so I opted for baked Ziti. As things would have it .. the evening was really fun and dinner turned out to be very yummy. Tomorrow I begin the job search in ernest. I enjoy not working all that much however, it is killing my bank account not to mention my sprirt at times. I need something to bitch about besides the cats and how the nieghbors drive like shit during the day. I am expecting 2 UPS packages tomorrow .. I found a copy of IBM’s C++ development for OS/2 and NT for 5 bucks from overseas and I also bought a copy of WarpUP for my OS/2 machine. I thought seeing as IBM is no longer supportng OS/2 unless you pay throught the ass that it would be a good thing to have. I got my CA drivers license, finally and it has my Seattle address. I know it’s kinda of goofy but I think that that is kinda cool, having a CA license and a Seattle address. Bab’s wrote me a long email to catch me up, it was nice hearing from her and listening to all of her adventures. Something that I mentioned to Matt on the way to driving him home tonight was that I am thinking about getting a contract job in LA for a couple of weeks so that I could spend some time down there and get my things together as well as get some (more) cash flow going. I will have to talk with Mike about it. I spoke with Mike about it and everythings a go with him as long as the contract isn’t longer than 2 months. I am going to start looking into houseing in the SF, LA, and Portland area. Ideally I would like to find a gig in LA. Well I am going to finish this cup of coffee and my smoke and head to bed. It’s really nice to write my thoughts out.

Author: Ken Craig-Saunders

Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.