A Short Introduction to Creation Sprirtuality

Original Blessing - Mathew Fox
Original Blessing

A brief introduction to Creation Spirituality
The simplest definition of Creation Spirituality is that it is both an ancient theological framework as well as a more contemporary spiritual movement in large part, thanks to Mathew Fox, although he would likely beg to differ. Its viewpoint is largely panentheistic. and as such is characterized by deep awe for natural life.

Creation Spirituality sees God from a much more mystical viewpoint and less from the more traditional, orthodox view of contemporary Christianity.

Diving into the meat of the matter. Creation Spirituality fundamentally relieves around the idea of “Orginal Blessing,” that is that creation itself is fundamentally good and worthy of both celebration and awe. It is from this that all other ideas within Creation Spirituality framework flow. In contrast the view of “Original sin” which became the dominant view of modern Christianity through Neoplatonist Saint Augustine.

Although Creation Spirituality has been around for literally thousands of years, it has only recently reentered popular culture as I mentioned before by Fr. (Former) Mathew Fox, he originally framed it inside of a primarily Judeo-Christian framework. In truth, Creation Spirituality is NOT explicitly Christian or Jewish but fits more in a deeply non-denominational framework.

On a personal level, I have at my deepest core always identified as Pagan at least since my earliest sense of my spirituality. I have also identified as Catholic and had struggled for the longest time with integrating those two aspects of Truth into my life. I discovered Creation Spirituality with the publication of Original Blessing back in the late ’80s, I had an aha moment because Creation spirituality meshed both aspects of what resonates as Truth for me, the Pagan and the Catholic. For me, Creation Spirituality is the bridge that brings the two together. I personally find it to be the best theological approach towards nature-based spirituality which marries ancient Truths and the earliest ideas in Christian frameworks today.

It will not surprise anyone to hear that Fr Fox was repeatedly silenced and eventually kicked out of the Dominican order on orders from the Vatican in the early 90s.

The modern Roman Church continues to see Creation Spirituality as a threat to its inherent call for mindless obedience to Dogma and Obedience. The official Western traditions, particularly in the America’s brings Hope to those of us that see the transformative power of Creation Spirituality. There is slow and steady progress within Catholicism that leads me to see a future for Christianity were inclusiveness, and true Joy leads to Healing on an individual and Global scale.

Moving Parts

Below is a post I wrote back in the Fall but didn’t end up publishing. It’s always interesting for me to find my computer littered with such mental scraps. It gives me a glimpse of where I was at and in some ways still am.

It’s a furious and complex dance when you’re moving from one place to another. There are often so many parts that have to be remembered, incorporated and timed just right for the move to go smoothly. It leaves you exhausted and needing a vacation just to recover. Lonnie and I were given the option to take the apartment two doors done from us when our lease was up at the beginning of last month. We of course jumped on it because either way our rent was increasing. It’s not a hard choice t make when the choice is between signing a new lease on a renovated apartment with new everything or staying put and STILL paying the same as the renovated apartment. So today begins the moving day. I don’t think I’ve ever moved such a short distance, it’ll be interesting to see how much smoother it goes. This isn’t the only moving part going on in my life or rather our lives. Its funny when you’re married or partnered at least for me it always comes naturally to say “our” instead of “my” life. I don’t know if others do the same thing but for me especially now that we are married, it seems almost everything I do affects the “us”. Lately we’ve had to deal with friends illnesses, there have been deaths, both personal and cultural. School is almost over for Lonnie which will bring a whole new chapter to our lives. To say I’m proud of him is a severe understatement. He just keeps surprising me and amazing me with something new to love about him every day. Work for me continues to a moving part, one day I can’t wait to leave and then next I find a renewed appreciation for what I have had for the last six plus years. I’m looking for work closer to home, another moving part, the good bit with this is that I get to be particular about what I want to do, where it is and home much I get paid to do it. I don’t often brag but I’m very good at what I do and I’ve come to know that I am which a powerful thing is. In January I plan to go back to school, once Lonnie is back working full-time. It’ll be exciting and a new adventure for me. I’m still building and helping people with Melaleuca and believe not only in the company and its mission to help others but in the products and the business model. It is enormously important to reduce household toxins, not to mention shoring up our body’s to fight off the damaging effects of the environment. Melaleuca offers this to everyone, affordably, easily and can provide a pretty decent income at the same time. A plan B if you will. Spiritually, I’ve been wandering and really feeling the need for a home. This is the last moving part I’m looking to get a hold on this year. I’ve almost always operated as a solitary pagan, occasionally celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats on my own. This year I’m hoping that will change and I’ll find a Coven to call home or at the very least a group to celebrate and make magic with. As I said at the beginning of this journal entry, there seem to be a lot of moving parts happening right now it’s exciting and I know we are looking forward to how our life together is going to look in the coming months.