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Daily Prompt: Neighbors

via Daily Prompt: Neighbors

My husband and I have lived in this same apartment now for over 7 years. We really love it here.  We are central to all the things that are important to us, good restaurants, movies, shopping.  Most of our closer friends live within 45 minutes of us and Our commute time to work by California standards is pretty close god-sent, mine is 20 mins and Lonnie is about 30 and NO freeways.  Our apartment is a modest one bedroom but we have an amazing backyard.

Our backyard

It’s big enough to support three fruit trees, peach, nectarine and plum as well as a veggie garden in the Summer.  I love where we live.  We have been Blessed to have some amazing neighbors.  When Lonnie first moved here, he became friends with a few of the other residents who I then became friends with by proxy.  As time moved on people cam and went often within a year yet there remained for quite a few years this core set of neighbors.  We would look out for each other, we became closer, followed each others life events supporting each others journeys.  The people that were just neighbors became friends and extended family.  I think that’s what happens when people stay put. In a lot of movies and for some reason most of them seem to take place in New York or Philadelphia there is this depiction of  whole generations growing up in the same neighborhood with the same familys in the same home and how close everyone becomes.  It almost always portrayed as an essential component of the character, its what gives them strength, motivates them on some level to overcome.

So Lonnie and I were talking a bit about this the other day when we were walking Mr. Fancypants on his after dinner walk.  One of our long term neighbors had been slowly moving things into her car.  We wondered if she were moving.  I had spoken with her about a month or so before the cast and the walker and she shared that she had injured herself and was now going on disability.  I happened to bump into her about two weeks ago, I was coming home, she was going somewhere.  I told her Lonnie and I had noticed her moving stuff out to her truck, she said yes she was moving at the end of October, moving back East to be with her family and grand-babys.  It made me a little sad actually because she had been such a good neighbor, she was even a customer of my business a few years back.  It also made me sad because she shared that this wasn’t how she had planned it to go. She always planned to move back East, just not this way or now, it was always going to be in a few years.  Well this past weekend was her last here, she’s now back East.  Lonnie and I helped her move some things that were a bit heavy for her.  We actually ended up with her bookcase, there’s  a whole blog posting coming about how you merge your lives before with your married life.  I think there a number of comedy skits that have said already what I will be saying.  She stopped by on her last day to give me her contact info. I plan on keeping in-touch.  She was the second to last of the neighbors we’ve grown close to.  There is one of family left I can’t imagine them moving, we’ve become such good friends, they are like family to us.