I may live in Southern California this Summer

I’m having such a good time tonight that I just looked (post edit) my last entry and realized that it is 3 in the morning, time to go to sleep.

I just discovered a new (for me) group Hydro, they are described as Xiatian ambient. there first album is Sprirtulisation, it has a very Sounds of London thing going on .. not preachy, very catchy, apparently from the Deja postings I could gather they started back in the mid 90’s which is when the album came out. It is going in my “driving collection”. Musc to enter that ambient space, cause god knows if I’m not in that space I’d might suffer a BAD case of road rage and rip someones head off.

Heaven holds a sense of wonder, in this silence I Believe

I guess ultimately you have to ask yourself the question is it more important to me that I’m around this man I love then not.

week 1

Just finished up my 1st week working at 2 of the Microsoft campuses. I’m working on a 2 month (possible 3) to move and setup some servers. I spoke with way to many people today I just want to surf, drink my wine and listen to soma fm. more later.

Just hanging out and actually having a really nice night. Mike and I watched Queer as Folk as per usual. I caught a glimpse of Babs on the Chris Issack show during the promo and so I tuned in. Sure enough it was her episode, she played a groopie, I mean Muse. It was really nice to see her on TV, she films differently then she looks. On a geekier note, I aww forget it.. geekiness is boring. Dad called to say he was heading to Pennsacola for a couple of days to go fishing. Good for him, what a charmed life he’s had so far. Matt called to say, hello, and I haven’t heard from you (us) in awhile oh yeah and I’m bored out of mind at this store, why am I working on a saturday. I think he will go out tonight. I’m going downtown tomorrow and applying for a job at the bookstore. I am also going to be beefing up my online search and aquiring some more headhunters. Gotta do it.

more tomorrow.

Not smoking but reaching for that phantom smoke. Like living with a ghost.

Well I trashed OS/2 on my system.. I couldn’t get the sound to work for the TV app, and just felt like I was holding my machine back. I really like OS/2 but.. andyway, I have Libranet on my system now along with my trusty BeOS partiton. I am pleased as punch with LibraNet, Debian based and very very easy to manage. I haven’t heard anything from IBM regarding the OS/2 position. I am kind of sick of the whole job search thing, but I have to plod on. I have had heartburn for the last several days.

The weather has been really freaky, one min. sunny then rain, then not. well off to job search.