Up from nap, having some coffee. I finished installing all of my software onto the new laptop. Starting tomorrow I’ll start work on my website redesign. Bob came up and we spoke some more about buying this place from him, mortgages and all of that good stuff. I’m noticing a pattern here, lots of the Blogs that I read aren’t being updated with the same frequency. Murderingmouth and OtherStream aren’t because they are on the road, headed in my direction as a matter of fact. Not to see me ( I don’t know them)just to the city I call home.

Today has been gorgeous, absolutely beautiful weather outside. I woke up early, because the sun was shining in the window. Maria came over and we planned our shopping for the day. We hit the furniture store first, Underhills. They had absolutely everything. I bought a new sofa, big overstuffed chair with matching ottoman. The bed is queen sized, and in the mission style which I like so much. The coffee table and end table are matching and also mission style. Tuesday is the 1st delivery day, for the sofa, bed and end table. The ottoman, chair and coffee table are on order. Next we hit Fred Myers for the new carpets, they had the pattern that I was looking for, it’s mocha cream with large leafs on it, all done in fall colors. The runner for the hallway entrance is the same but it’s a runner instead of an area rug. After all this shopping we went to Mr. Bill’s for lunch, I had the French Dip and Maria had the Flat Top. Dropped off something for Mike at his job, drove Maria home and now I’m going to take a nap. I have some paperwork to do later on. Survivor is on tonight, it’s a secret vice of mine.

My first entry on my brand spanking new Powerbook G4. I am just thrilled with this new machine. I went ahead and bought it at the Computer Store in the U District. I could’ve ordered it online and avoided the taxes, but I figured it would be better to have a place to bring Spanky ( the new computers name) if he should need to be repaired. I also went for the (rather expensive) 3 years AppleCare Coverage. I figured better safe than sorry. I also went for the Airport Station. I’m typing this right now while sitting on our bed and listening to GrooveSalad streaming, all without wires, this is just amazing to me. I didn’t think that I would like this keyboard, but already I’m adjusting to it. It doesn’t feel cramped at all to me. The bookEndz docking station was also ordered so I will go and pick that one up when it gets in. I figured I really only wanted 1 computer rather than 2 but the 2 criteria were that it be mobile and the screen resolution be superior.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, and Joyous Spring to everyone. Mike and I are having a lovely ham, some baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows and green beans with butter for dinner. I think we will take a nap after that and then head over to Mandy and Jasons house to watch our regular Sunday shows, Queer as Folk and (my fave) Six Feet Under. I made all of the usual holiday family calls and spoke with everyone. This week is going to be most exciting, with shopping and doctors appointments (for glasses and dental work). I am really looking forward to all of the newness that is coming into my life.

Mike and I are going to be talking with our landlord, Bob. I want to ask him to let us out of our lease in June instead of in December as it is currently written. We want to make the move downtown to First Hill before the Summer arrives, so that we have the whole Summer to enjoy, besides who wants to move in the middle of a Seattle winter?! Hopefully all will go well with this.

I just wrote to a long overdue letter to William, an old friend from California. I also wrote to Jason, although I haven’t heard back from him. It looks like the weather is going to be about the same as it was yesterday. this is my 2nd day without smoking. I’m doing fine, but then I have never really had a problem with smoking anyway. I’m going on a trip to Weho, sometime the beginning of April. I just want to go on a small vacation probably for just a week.

I here ya, California sun is a good thing. Mike and I are looking at moving back to West Hollywood. I lived there for 12 years before moving up here 5 years ago. I miss it sometimes but work was plentiful up here and not there. Now the opposite is true. Our lease is up in Dec of this year so we’ll see how things go. We are planning a week long visit in June, for gay pride/Mikes birthday/scouting mission. I’m really hopeful that Mike will like it enough down there to give the go ahead to move. If this happens then I will look for work down there, find a roommate situation for a couple of months, while looking for a home for the two of us (and our kittys). This would make the transition much easier on him I think, as he has only lived here in Seattle and in Pullman in eastern WA.

On another note, I hate QWest!

I spoke with my mom this weekend, I should be getting a lovely inheritance check in the mail, sometime before Easter, God this is going to be wonderful, thank you Grandma.

I ended up sleeping on the sofa, Mike was snoring really really loud. It’s 5:48 am and I’m somewhere between grumpy and lucid. Lots of fun stuff to look forward to today.

I appear to have a touch of bronchitiis, time to hit the tea, and fruit juices. I really need to get back to my gym routine, after my trip to NY I fell out of it badly. It really does help. My body has been through the ringer this past year, what with all of the stresses I’ve placed on it, myself.

Mike called to let me know that he and Mandy were going out for drinks after work. I wasn’t invited, I take that to mean that Jason will probably be there. I’m feeling a little hurt that I wasn’t invited. I feel badly for Mike because since Jason doesn’t want to hangout around me (guilt for having laid me off), Mandy won’t now either, which of course puts Mike in a tough spot. I think this brings up my only concern in our relationship, loyalty. I know Mike loves me, I have no doubts about that whatsoever. I do have some nagging questions about his loyalty, which this situation is obviously bringning to the surface for me. If he were forced to choose between his friendship with Mandy or his relationship with me which way would he go? This isn’t all insecurity and paranoia on my part. Last year Mike, myself and a group of friends went out on Capitol Hill, well towards the end of the evening one of Mikes closest friends and I got into an argument. Mike took his friends side, Before he even had heard what I had to say. That stung me really badly, and for whatever reason I ended up burying it. I probably shouldn’t have, I probably should bring it out in the open and to his attention. So now I’m left in this situation where I’m sitting here at home (with butterflys), he’s out having a good time with friends. I think the best thiing now is to bring this to his attention, not tonight, but tomorrow after I’ve had some time-distance. The only problem with bringing it to his attention is that I’ll tell him whats going on for me, and then he’ll just sit there. He doesn’t like confrentation of any sort, even if it is for the betterment of our relationship, who does? That drives me nuts. Respond please, tell me something, don’t just say ok. Well, I know I feel better, I think I’ll eat and watch some mindless TV.