Myk and I went to Mandy and Jasons to watch Queer as Folk last night. It was a really good episode, I like what they are doing with this series. It is so much more real than Will and Grace, which is such generic crap as far as I’m concerned. Slept well. I called Shelley this morning to find out about the Port job and they’ve decided to keep the guy that they have in place there so I’m out of the running on that one. I am scouring Monster and a few other sites. I did get an e-mail from another agency that wants to talk with me, they are over in Bellevue though, yuck. I’ll give them a call later on today and set up an interview. Otherwise I’m going to clean *yawn and do dishes laundry yada yada yada. Maybe I’ll work on my web site later on today to update a few things. Jason and I are going to get together for lunch later on in the week, downtown that should be fun. I haven’t been downtown in quite awhile. I am looking forward to going back to work however, I’m a bit anxious having been out of the game for the last several months. You get in a rhythm and I know I’m not in that rhythm anymore. well more later.

I’m burning a new RedHat 7 Cd .. ezcd creator wouldn’t work for me.. pain the ass program. I reinstalled Nero and am burning now. The Ratties are awake and doing usual, forced groomings of each other and wrestling. I took Lucy out today and let her play in the bedroom, she was overjoyed at the idea of having the whole bed to herself. She moved the blanket around on the bed and formed a tent-like structure where she promptly took a nap. She was so happy, she started chittering whenever I came in the room to check on her. Dexter has been in a very loving mood, especially when I head into the kitchen. I got really sleepy around 7pm and fell asleep a few times on the sofa. I finally dragged myself off of the sofa because I knew that we had to go to Safeway for groceries and smokes. I hate waking up and not having coffee ready and plenty of morning smokes to go with it. For some reason I just woke up in the pissiest mood… maybe because I didn’t eat. Myk is in a silly mood, which although he doesn’t mean it seems to irritate me more quickly. I am looking forward to tomorrow night, Queer as Folk is on. Myk and I are going over to Mandy and Jasons to watch and have cocktails. I bought a yummy chicken for dinner tomorrow. I am going to cook Herbert-the chicken, in the crock pot with mushrooms, a little Merlot, onions garlic seasoning, carrots, and a little celery. I love the way the house smells when something really good cooks in it all day.

The weather was crap today, sorta rainy sorta not. I tell ya I’m very much looking forward to the Spring this year. All this talk of foods making me hungry.. snack time for Ken. Well I’ll have some nutty-bars and milk, watch a little comedy central and head to bed. Myk made a pot of coffee which means he’ll be up all night, he’s looking at porn on the egroups site. Night for now. One last thought, I have been thinking today of ways that I can use this online journal as a tool. I think that I will make at least 2 entrys daily morning and evening. Outline my goals for the day and review at night, as well as record thoughts, and anything unusual or interesting going on. I’ll give it some more thought right now there are 2 nutty bars calling to me like sirens to a sailor.

My first Live Journal entry! I have been wanting to setup my web site as a journal since I discovered web site. I went to Bebits this morning and discovered LiveJornal.. what a merry coincidence. I just watched the Bush’s swearing in this morning. I really believe that it should have been Gore .. but god forbid the Republicans have a Democrat in office more than 2 terms in a row. I really do believe they stole and manipulated the election.

I’m eating canned ravioli’s for lunch..yum yum. Myk is on the computer surfing the newsgroups. The kids (our cats) are all chasing each other around the house. The girl ratties are sleeping. Squiggles is sitting next me much more curious about my raviolis than what I’m typing.

Myk and I went out last night with Mathew… after he cut our hair. We went to R’Place for a couple of beers and then to Charlies for dinner. It was nice to actual get out of the house. Well the raviolis are finished and so is my first entry.

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