Mr. FancyPants, Esq.

Some interesting new things. Lonnie and I finally took the plunge into the raging waters of pet parenthood this weekend.  We’ve been talking on and off about adopting a rescue dog.  We even went looking a few weekends back at Read the rest

Life, Work and Other memes

So a lot has been going on lately all around me.  Lonnie and I have seemingly fallen into a regular routine again. This is something we both are happy about and value greatly but seem to take for granted when … Read the rest


Its slowly been happening.  I’m turning into one of those people that only require five or six hours of sleep and then my body says WAKE UP in its best Jim Morrison American Prayer voice.  It would seem not all … Read the rest

Surface Pro 3

I recently purchased a Surface Pro 3, the Core I3 64 gig version and to be honest with you am pleased as punch.  One of the things that I’ve noticed as I get older and more and more technology appears … Read the rest

Paris tragedy & fainting goats


WARNING: Heavy Seriousness and venting going on below.


As of this writing, at least twelve people are confirmed dead following an attack by terrorists (masked) in Paris. Among the them are a number of satirical cartoonists. It is unacceptable to … Read the rest