Cash for my thoughts

Happy Veterans Day, My thoughts on that are an entirely different post.  I love days off even more I love the occasional day entirely to myself, no responsibilitys or errands to run only me, the Pants snacks and a bunch of movies.  I do some of my best thinking on days like that.  Today was no exception, while walking Mr. Fancypants on this cool Fall evening I started thinking about all the things the Universe has put on the plate and how I want to arrange them, how I want there outcome to look. I think about the people in my life right now, about the ebb and flow of friendships and other relationships.  It really is all a cosmic dance.  Some of the things are constants, Lonnie, Mr. Fancypants, Work, Food, God.  Some of the things are aggravating because I feel blocked and limited on making them into what I want them to look like in my life.  My body, my weight, How I make money, how to monetize my thoughts, my sites,  myself. Some of my thoughts today are like ghosts like my father, my old job mainly because they haunt me with the pain they caused my inner child.  Mainly I think how can I make my life a better one. I think that pretty much puts all of this together in one sentence.  Out of this sort of self-examination I find what’s most important to me and ultimately the rest will just find its own place on whatever shelf in my life it does and I’m good with that.  That last part there, the “being good with that”, I think that only comes with age because in my younger days I’d fret and worry about almost everything. I was just a big hot serious mess, no longer, now I’m good the important things and the rest is good with it too.  How about you, what’s most important in your life and how does it affect your day to day?