Surface Pro 3

I recently purchased a Surface Pro 3, the Core I3 64 gig version and to be honest with you am pleased as punch.  One of the things that I’ve noticed as I get older and more and more technology appears trying to innovate our lives is that I’ve become pickier about the technology I use.  I used to want to buy and have the newest and best of the newest gadgets for no real reason.  Now I think about these choices before making them.  I’ve had a Surface tablet since the day they came out and have upgraded as the newer models become available.  There is something about the Surface tablet that I have yet to put my finger on that just makes it a delight to work on.  The Surface Pro 3 especially. So here is the lineup of the tech that I’m using, my three favorite and constant devices.  My iPhone 6 (the smaller one), no phone is better as far as practical usage goes.  I love my Lumina 1520, I really do.  The screen while big and beautiful is too big to be a phone and not practical for one handed texting. The apps while catching up are always it seems going to lag one or two versions behind.  This is a horrible horrible shame as Windows in spite of itself has an amazing operating system they just need to market it better and get more developers onboard to bring the apps people use.  The second device I use all of the time is my Kindle HDX, a beautiful little reader, media player and on the go device.  The Screen and sound on this thing is amazing, stunning even.  It is exactly the right size for reading books in bed or in your favorite chair.  My only gripe is that it isn’t connected to the Google Play store which is a shame as the Amazon app store isn’t nearly as big or diversified.  There is always side loading apps, which is mostly what I’ve had to do.  The last and certainly not least is my Surface Pro 3, while I’ve only had it a short while, it’s already more useful and efficient than both previous Surfaces that I’ve owned have been.  So there it is my gadgets.  Now I need to figure what to do with all of the other tablets, laptops and such laying about.