commitments to myself

It’s been awhile since I’ve really paid attention to myself and what I really want.  Life has been so distracting, routine lulling me into a calm repetition of work, home, sleep, wake, errands repeat.  So here I am having forgotten to take care of myself physically, socially spiritually.  When I look in the mirror the person I see isn’t the person I wanted to become when I first moved here.  I had goals and aspirations.  Truth is I’ve always had those, they seem a little less important as I get older.  Sometimes a good nap is really all I’m looking forward to.  Something inside has started burning again, perhaps its that I noticed that the number on the scale keeps going up a little bit here and there or that I feel very little sense of fulfillment in my social life or job.  After a visit with my doctor today, I’ve decided to take action and TRULY make a commitment (something Capricorns do well) to waking up my life and get back on track.  So here are my goals.  They may not seem so big to some but right now they seem much larger to me.  I will lose 30 pounds by my birthday 2012.  What with the world coming to an end (according to the Incas) I need to be able to run FAST and I can’t do it carrying all this extra weight.  I will look for ways to get out more and meet new people.  This one is almost more difficult than any of the others.  I’m painfully shy and far too serious for my own good.  I’m  not one of those people that can just start chit-chatting with people, although I’ve gotten better,  Beer helps.  Work-wise, I have some ideas that I’m going to start exploring.  I may go back to school and finish my Computer Science degree.  Today is a beginning and I look forward to reading this in December 30+ pounds lighter and a lot more fulfilled.


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