The Value of being Human

I had gone out into the living room earlier tonight where Michael was watching one of his “cop” shows. I believe it was Bait Car.  I sat and watched as three girls, as it turns out minors, hopped into a running bait car and stole it because they could.  The three of the girls had never met until they passed each other (and the car) in the parking lot.  Three strangers decide, hey let’s steal this car.  It’s here we are here and hey I have a garage we can hide it in.  Michael really loves these shows all of them and I really didn’t understand why until tonight.  I also learned in the process why I detest them so much.  The segment ended with the expected outcome, the girls get arrested and hauled off to Juvenile Hall where there parents are notified all the while protesting there innocence.  “We were just moving it for the owners”, one of them, the driver tells police.  So that was about all I needed to watch to get me going.  I ask Michael, “Why do you watch these shows?”.  I interrupt his answer before he even starts, to add that I want to believe people are innately good and as I get older they keep proving me wrong.  Too many people are selfish, manipulative and ultimately self-centered.  Watching shows like this makes me despair and sad because why would I want to see how fracked up some people (too many people) are.  Michael’s answer, now that I’ve already delivered a soliloquy on my ideas, was that he likes to see them (the bad guys) get there comeuppance.  He said he starts with the idea that most people are shits to begin with and that he likes to see SOME justice done, even if we have to pay for the bastards jail time.  I have to say I really do agree with him.  I also believe that it is REALLY in the raising you’ve got to get them when they are young or they just become monstrous adults.  There are so many children in homes that don’t teach kids to be responsible persons, to be kind and thoughtful and to show manners.  When I was a kid you had time outs, mouths washed out with soap and spankings.  You learned respect not just for your parents but for yourself ultimately.  One day many years ago, My grandmother and I were heading into the kitchen and she asked me if I would like to make Jell-O, which was one of my favorite things to do, especially with her.  I said “yeah” and she stopped quite suddenly, looked at me (sharply) and told me that I should always say “yes” or “no” never “yeah”  that I wasn’t raised in a barn.  I could tell that I had offended her with my lack of manners but she corrected me in such a loving fashion that to this day it has always stuck with me.  Now whenever I hear people respond with “yeah” it always makes me think of her.  I can only imagine how much someone saying, “Axed” instead of “Asked” would have offended her. So back to the main idea.  I learned something from all of this.  It has always bothered me that I end up having such harsh feelings toward these people on TV.  I’d like to think they will make something of there lives, will learn.. and so this is my lesson, To accept others as they are, where they are and love them in the midst and not in spite of these things.


2 thoughts on “The Value of being Human

  1. Sweetie pie, I just did a response and then it got lost – should have logged in first!!!! Have to rush off now, but excited you’re doing a blog. Don’t be depressed sugar – I think you’re gorgeous. And keep the faith with people – most are essentially good, just have a bit of shit to sort out, but reckon the bad eggs in the world are a minority. Come out and visit us – see a different way of living – we can go out and have fun. Would be lovely to see you again. Seeing the world from a different angle is the best way to soothe the spirit – I reckon anyway xxxxxxxxxx

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