Listening to my Pagan past

I bought a USB Cassette tape player the other day as a prezzie for myself.  I’m finding that this was an even more special gift to myself than I could have imagined at the time.  I’ve started transferring all of my old out of print cassettes into MP3 format and it’s making my very happy to once again be able to listen to music some more than twenty years old.  One of the first albums and a big motivator for the entire project was Moonmagick by Marybeth Witt and Todd Alan.  My good friend Kim in MA gave me this cassette a very long time ago and it had become my favorite trance/ritual tape.  I started the digitizing process allowing the program to break the cassette into individual tracks.  Unfortunately, when it reached the second side the tape broke much to my horror.  This tape has been out of print forever and no amount of Googling or eBaying was going to help find another copy.  After a lot of anxiety and determination I was able to fix the tape and put the cassette back together again.  I started the process again, this time I decided to record the whole cassette as one long mp3 and then breakup the individual tracks once it was recorded.  I’ve managed at this point to get side one done. Over the Holiday weekend I’ll take care of doing side two.  Listening to this and other early Pagan music once again is like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in a really long time. It brings me pure child-like joy.