Driving Home

a little less than an hour left at work.. then my favorite part of the night, my ride home through the streets of West Hollywood/Hollywood. The smell of Jasmine and eucalyptus filling the air.  The sounds of night birds can be heard through the crisp, cool air.  There is something sublimely beautiful about L.A. at this time of the morning.  Maybe its the lack of people out and about although there are people out and about.  Going through West Hollywood at 1am, I see people coming out of the bars, sometimes stumbling.  Every week, I see at least one person so drunk they fall into the street or like last night were actually passed out in a major intersection.  While seeing this doesn’t add to the beauty it is a reminder of the humanity that also defines L.A. dirty, indulgent, reckless and frail.  There is nature everywhere here besides the jasmine and eucalyptus and the night birds singing, coyotes often come down as far as Hollywood Blvd, prowling open garbage cans for food or kitties’ that have been left out for the night.  I see them frequently in my drives home.  When you first see one, there small size fools you into seeing a small dog but then when they look at you, which they always do, its jarring, because you realize how big and wild and raw they really are.  There are skunks and possums and I’m sure a whole host of other critters that I don’t see on my ride home.  These are some of the reasons I look forward to my journey home each night, it’s a meeting of the magical and the mundane just below the Hollywood sign.