Elliptical workouts

Since I bought the elliptical I’ve been trying to get on it ever other day. Its been kicking my ample ass. The elliptical has an iFit slot so you can purchase whole sets of workouts depending on what you want to do. I’ve been doing the weight-loss routine. Today I burned 602.3 calories, isn’t that 1/2 a donut? The goal is to drop 40 pounds in total. I would like to do this by the end of the year but then it took me almost 15 to put it on so there you have it. I’m glad for the weekend, Saturday the Eagle for some men ogling, Sunday is a carb day so its off to the Griddle Cafe for the most decadent pancakes anywhere. I bought 4gigs of ram for the new Mac Mini aka Spanky so the upgrade will happen sometime this weekend as well. Anyone wanna join Mike n I at the Eagle?