Randoms bits

So an update to the “going cable-less”. So I’ve been without the cable-box now since the 28th. It’s only been 10 days or so but its really working out fine which is really cool. I was out running errands in west hollywood this weekend with M and we stopped by A Different Light. They were having a everything must go sale. It’s sad really whenever you see a store that’s been around for a long time, particularly a bookstore, having to close its doors. There was an article about the closing in the wehonews.com . One of the reasons sited was the reconstruction of Santa Monica Blvd. The reconstruction really began in earnest just after I moved to Seattle back in 97 and they really only truly seemed done by 2005/2006. It’s understandable then that foot traffic would decline and then subsequently sales.

The elliptical that I ordered came in. I put it together and it now sits in the dining-room/work-out room along with the bo-flex. One of the nice things about it is that it really does fold up and can be stored in one of the closets.

Seattle’s weather this winter has sucked. M & I were talking about how lucky/smart we were to have moved this year. Neither of us remember a worse winter there with all of the snow/ice, rain, cold etc they’ve had. I’m looking forward to my visit back next month although if the weather doesn’t start to improve I think I’m going to wait until May when it gets a bit nicer. Who wants to go to cold/wet and possibly snow and pay for it?

I went back to my new regular doctor for a followup visit and was given a clean bill of health. I’m no longer pre-diabetic. The rest of the lab work all said good things. M’s came back good too which made me happy.

I think its time for breakfast and then to get my day going.