Octuplets & Pot smoking

It really must be a slow time for news that something so not anybody else’s business as a woman giving birth to 8 babys has become news.  I normally refrain from talking about the things in society I think are wrong as examples Anne Coulter, religious bigots and George Bush, although I’ve been known to lapse on the George Bush one from time to time.  I really believe that if you don’t give something energy, it will fade away of its own accord.  Anne Coulter hasn’t yet complied with my belief but she is making progress as less and less headlines are devoted to her and so she fades into venomous obscurity.  Back to my main subject in this case the mother of the 8 babies.  Its frankly nobody’s business and why this is news aside from it being sensational is beyond me.  Why highlight someone’s obvious and utter lack of responsibility and forethought.  It just makes no sense to highlight this.  As for the picture of an athlete “smoking” a bong, big frackin whoop.  The D.A. for that county might actually pursue criminal charges, how ridiculous.  Call me a Libertarian but what I do with my own body is nobody’s business especially not the governments.  If I’m not hurting or harming anyone else the government needs to step the frack off.   How is it the governments right to determine what anyone does with there own body?  What I would really like to see is  REAL news story’s that ACTUALLY effect peoples lives.  Just as I’m writing this MSNBC breaking news headline pops up on my screen “Octuplet Mom imitates Angelina Jolie” nuf said.  It is the dumbing down of America in action. Is European news like this.. and were is the difference now between TMZ, Perez Hilton and CNN?  cause I’m not seeing a huge gulf of credibility between the three.