Mr. Loach and the Fish That Will Not Die but did.

Xmas eve 2008

I find myself sitting here at work typing out these ideas that run in circles in my mind. It could be part of my annual birthday blues. Or just that it is close to the end of the year and I’m thinking about all of the things that have come before. Mr. Loach passed away last night, which has both Mike and Me sad. Its a funny to say that you are sad at the passing of a fish. Mike and I developed as close a relationship with a fish as you could.  We would tell stories about things that he did and how He and his tank-mate, “The Fish That Will Not Die” (who I am convinced was secretly a piranha) were really killing off ANY new fish I would introduce into the tank.  For the longest time I had a ten gallon tank with only these two in it.  Any new fish would die within a few days or weeks at the longest.  Well, Mr. Loach was at least seven years old which is a good long life for a fish. He has lived in more than one state having travelled from Washington to Los Angeles. His tank-buddy, The Fish That Will Not Die, did just that a few days ago. He too was almost as old as Mr. Loach. They came from an aquarium store in Seattle that no longer exists. It’s funny to me that they lived with each other for so long and died within a few days of each other. I like to think that they were buddies and Mr. Loach didn’t want The Fish That Will Not Die to be lonely so he went to be with him. It’s a rather sentimental thought I know but one I am allowing myself to indulge in.

On a much happier note.  I will be cooking dinner tomorrow and as it turns out Mike is working for part of the day. We will have dinner together along with the cats and I’m looking forward to it.  There are logs for the fireplace and while every place that I have ever lived is now having a White Xmas simultaneously except for L.A. I will turn the air conditioning on, throw a log on the fire and pretend that its cold as fark outside and that it is really Xmas.  There are many many things to be thankful for and Holidays are always a good time to remember that, at least for me they are.  Mike and I are both working, check.  We have a beautiful apartment, check check.  Everyone I care about is in good health, check and certainly not the least of these, there is money in the bank, check.  Oh yeah and because I live in the land of Auto, I can’t go without mentioning  my gratitude for Maggie, my Kia Spectra who gets me great gas mileage and has not had a single problem ever, check.  I wish all you that actually read this Blessings and Happiness this Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.  


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