Organization, Work Politics and rambling thoughts about the Move

I think that I would have a harder time working here during the day shift than I do with my current shift.  People aren’t very tight knit or at least it doesn’t seem it to me.  It could be that folks aren’t used to me yet, don’t like me or are uncomfortable.  I work with mostly guys and I definitely notice a bit of awkwardness when some of them are around me.  Granted we don’t have a whole lot in common but I sense there is that guardedness about being around someone gay.  I’ve only rarely experienced it so its a little weird.  When I worked for the City, everyone was very very close.  Here not so much or at least it doesn’t feel that way to me.  It could be because I work the second shift (which I really love).  Just wanted to mention it, toss it around online and see if I had any other feelings come out.

Today I was very very productive.  I printed out the labels for the filing cabinet re-org.  Made up the files and organized them in the cabinet itself.  The next step is sort through the miles and miles of paperwork that I have carried with me.  While it sounds like a formidable task, I’m dramatizing it a bit.  In truth I’ve been weeding out the dross and will be setting up the scanner to scan a great deal as PDF‘s which can then be burned on to disk for future keeping. 

A couple of other projects for the coming year, once this one is done are to get the cats micro-chips registered here in L.A.  Actually stick with a budget, pay-off the remaining credit card balances and get my body into shape.  I’m looking more for tight and toned rather than round and soft to the touch.

I had planned on visiting Seattle in January but I will still be on probation (until end of February) at work so won’t have any vacation days to be able to take.  I’ll just have to go this Spring when I have a few more vacation days and I will do Spring Thaw.  Overall the move has been a good one.  I’m looking forward to Spring this year. I will be in better shape in all ways.  I will have bounced back from the financial hit I took with the move here which WAS planned so I guess really wasn’t a hit.  I ended up spending close to 20k moving both of us down here once it was said and done so having that much less money available in savings is kind of poopy.  I did come here with some goals and I am definitely meeting those goals so that makes me feel good.   Who’s to say were if anywhere I will go next.  I have always wanted to live in London, but then again I’m not a hipster 20 year old anymore.  Fark that Andy Warhol was going to clubs when he was in his 50’s.  London is probably not were I will go except to visit.  I may just stay here in L.A. or perhaps San Diego or even back up to Seattle.  Seattle is doubtful, I really felt like I have finished what I needed to there.


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