National Protest link

I mentioned the national protest on 8 rally in my last entry but I brain-farted and forgot to put the link, here it is

Keep the momentum going. I was reminded of the effect marching really has when I was walking home from the protest the other night. I overheard a group of young people talking about 8 and while they didn’t get that it was about marriage rights for everyone they did get that there was an injustice done and that they knew that was wrong. On the glass half empty side, I’ve also been hearing a lot from the yes on 8 side saying to just get over it and move on. My response is a big fuck that!! You should never have had the right to vote on my marriage any more than I should, to vote on yours. When do I get to come into the privacy of your home and tell you that oh say, you can can children but because you are x,y, or z you are only allowed to have one. The rights of a minority can not and should not be legislated by a vote of the majority. That’s kind of the point of equal protection under the law. So NO, I’m not happy to just “get over it” and move on and frankly I don’t think half the people that voted yes really understand the bigger civil rights and privacy issues that this amendment speaks to. I really do think that the majority of those that voted yes on 8, while fundamentally good people voted religiously and that’s just wrong. Laws in this country should never be based on a particular religious preferences in this case Judaeo/Xiatian ones. Domestic Partnership is not the same as Marriage! Ok, I’m done ranting.


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