Prop 8 wins enshrining bigotry into the California constitution

The good news is that Obama won and I even did my “little pig with lipstick” happy dance.  I’m greatly disheartened however that prop 8 won.  How someone could vote yes on this bill and at the same time say they aren’t treating GLBT people any differently, that its about protecting straight marriage, is beyond me.  A bigot is still a bigot regardless of what they say their intentions are.  The whole Protecting marriage things is a crock of shit, protecting your marriage by denying other people the right to marry just doesn’t make any sense to me.  Explain exactly how denying someone else the right to civil marriage (not religious) protects your marriage.  It doesn’t affect your marriage at all at least I can’t see it.  If your marriage is fucked up to begin with that’s on you and is your responsibility to fix or change.  The two largest organizations that supported this were the Catholic church which has its own issues with fidelity and the Mormons who up until not that long ago considered sacred one man, many wives (which I’m not against in principle) some unofficial branches of Mormonism still do. I say outlaw divorce and infidelity if you want to protect marriage so badly.  Bring back public beatings for those having affairs.  Make woman wear scarlet “A”’s and shun men whose lack of fidelity shows they are nothing more than dogs.  I’m exaggerating of course but seriously start at home with your own marriage and leave other peoples alone.  Yes on 8 won because they used fear, deception and religion, how shameful.  I am in the long term  hopeful because using fear, deception and religion will NOT win out in the end.  It didn’t win out when interracial marriages were banned and it didn’t win when woman or blacks couldn’t vote. This will be challenged and the tide will be turned.  Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon, truth, equality and fairness are always on the side of the justice and justice always wins.  So while right now I’m mad as hell, I know the Change we need as a nation is coming and religious based bigotry will not prevail.


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