Things here are going well. The move happened without any major incident and now that I’ve settled in a bit and got my bearings again its time to start blogging more frequently. Mike has found work and gotten two jobs. They are both exactly what he is looking for. I have been interviewing and talking with folks about work and I’m looking at a couple of different prospects. I’m just waiting on the job offer(s) now. I couldn’t have picked a better home. Despite some initial hesitation about the location. I am very please. Everything is within walking distance and the traffic is really not as bad as it was made out to be. There are a few Meet-ups that I’m interested in. I’ll have to wait and see how those go. One of the goals in coming back here was to expand my circle of friends and hangout buddies. I’ve dropped almost 11 pounds since moving here. The almost daily walk or bo-flex workout has been helpful I’m sure. Today was a 5K hike. The route took me along Franklin Ave almost to Western and then down to Hollywood back to Franklin/Highland. I don’t think I’ll do the Hollywood Blvd. part again. It is a little seedy/dicey down around Western/Hollywood. Heading west is the preferred option. The neighborhoods are nicer and there is Runyan Canyon, which I usual do when I walk. Anyone in the Hollywood/LA area that reads this if your interested, I’m always open to walking with others. This morning I have a meeting in West L.A. and then an interview at 1p.m. The time between jobs has been well spent. A lot of organizing and rearranging, particularly after the move. Well I hear the microwave beeping so my breakfast is ready.


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