I will never get thinner if I don’t have a reason to get thinner. A simple but true statement. I realized sometime late this afternoon that I have entered into an a bit of a funk. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I haven’t secured a job yet, granted we have been here less than a month. Money is tight but we are o.k. The choice for me to move here was and still is a good one. It was necessary. I am confident that I will have a really good job. People lose there focus, I’m not the only one and things that you would want to get done take a lot longer than planned. I was supposed to go to a GLBT pagan gathering in WeHo this afternoon and I wanted to but just really felt that it would be better when Im’ in a happier place. Right now I need to take care, continue to trust in the process and everything will manifest at the right time. Oh yeah and write down why I need to get thinner and healthier. See how easy it is to distract oneself. I’m putting together a plan for the boflex combined with yoga and cardio on the wii, I do like the boxing. The starting point is below. The goal is 200 pounds 32-34″ waist, maintain chest (tighten).

todays weight (and be thankful I didn’t post the before pic!!) is 247 with 34% body fat.

my measurements are

arms: 16.5″
forearms: 12.5″
neck: 16.25″
chest: 46″”
waist 44.5″
Thighs: 24.5″
Calfs: 18″

Obviously the two areas I’m going to make changes to are the chest and the waist. growing one and shrinking the other.


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