Settling In

Its been 1 week since I’ve arrived back in Los Angeles.  The drive down here was looooong and a little scary on the critter side of things. Dexter P Kittens got a bit overheated up around Sacramento area and Mike had the smart idea of buying ice and putting it in the kitty cave (we had built for them) in there makeshift litter box (which of course was emptied first).  Dexter literally slept on the ice he was so hot, poor little fellah.  To abbreviate, Everyone arrived safe and sound on Wednesday.  Cable, Gas and the Movers have all come and done there part to get our new home setup and then left.  I’ve spent the most of the past two days unpacking and setting things up.  Yesterday was really the first time in awhile that I felt like I was home.  I went grocery shopping today with Mike at Pavilions in Weho.  I like the store but with gas being what it is I will be ordering online and having grocery’s delivered.    Its only 10 bucks more and I’d rather sip on a mai tai and wait for my grocery’s to arrive.  I have a bit more setup and unpacking to do tomorrow and some banking stuff but then the fun part of actually finding work begins.  I did go to the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday with M and it was pretty fun.  The food I bought was definitely more fun food, like sugar free berry pie and nuts/seeds and some tortilla chips which are quite good.  I’ll be making a list from now on and getting more staples like lettuce, cukes salad stuff and veggies.  Its getting late and I am still adjusting sleep-wise, tired ole thing that I am.  I caught the first episode of Logo’s Sordid Lives, it was funny and campy and gayer than shit.  I wish it were available for download or on demand so I could catchup.