last day thoughts

I will preface this with a disclaimer of sorts, I am a romantic and big on sweeping emotions not to mention hugs, So there it is. I will also say this I have tried to dissuade myself of as much of my emotion as I can. Today was my last day working for the Seattle City Council and the City Auditors. What an incredible group of folks I had the opportunity to work for. There are a number of people who kvetch about the motivations and effectiveness of the City Council. I have to say as someone that has worked in a support capacity for the Council there isn’t a better more committed to the good group of people around. There are so many people on the back-end that make the Council what they are and make the Council effective in bettering the lives of all Seattleites. I may have not always have agreed with all that I saw however the bigger and longer picture has always remained true for me. I wish that people knew how much work is done in City government and how much the people that you don’t see on T.V. do from the Legislative Assistants keeping the Council members on point AND on track to the folks writing the legislation and doing the background research to the Clerks office who document, keep track and archive the Cities life-history. Working for Seattle has given me a whole new appreciation for the work and especially the people that make it happen. I genuinely am sad to be leaving. Yes, I am happy for the next part of the journey but as you can tell from my words, already I look with fond remembrance on this time and really isn’t that one of the criteria of time well spent. So my last words are hopefully the most affective and simple of all, Thank you.