Less than 1%

It really does annoy me that the press continues to coddle Obama and at every turn slam Clinton.  Whatever happen to unbiased and fair, must I turn to FOX news?  I understand that Obama doesn’t have a track record really at this point and Hillary already has one but still.  It seems to me that the news media is creating news rather than reporting it and that’s just wrong.  I am really at the point of voting for McCain if Obama ends up with the nomination.  The truth be told Clinton is less than 1% away from Obama so why does the Media make this gap seem as wide as the Grand Canyon?  If its not obvious by now, I’m very much a Clinton supporter.  I voted for her here in Seattle and have donated money twice so far to her campaign.  I will continue to support her if she wins the nomination.  I will not support Obama for a number of reasons.  The primary one being I’d rather have a Republican with experience than a Democrat with no experience.  Obama may actually have political experience but for me it gets clouded by all of his idealistic talk.  The whole pastor thing bothered me a great deal too, not so much what the pastor was saying.  What bothered me the most is that Obama denied knowing anything and continued to go to a Church that at some level espouses those values of goddamn America and such .   

Bad Kitty

I was so sleepy yesterday after getting home from work that I went to bed around 730 last nigh and sletp straight through til this morning.  The morning started off o.k. but then Hollywood went after Dexter and cornered him.  Hollywood isn’t fixed yet so he has all that male kitty energy.  Poor Dexter for some reason just doesn’t fight back and screams for help.  I yell and grab Hollywood who knows I’m unhappy with him, he goes into time out and I end up feeling bad for yelling at him.  It must be scary being so small and having this big scary me yelling at you.  I don’t want to perpetuate this attack/rescue behavior but I’m not sure what to do.  Do I ignore it entirely and let them work it out?  Once he gets his nads cut off will he mellow out and not attack Dexter who is now almost 12 years old.  I should say that karma has definitely come to visit Dexter in all of this because this is exactly what Dexter used to do to both Tubby and Begerra (other kitty’s he lived with) a few years back when he was younger.  The short version of this is that Hollywood picked on Dexter, I yelled and put him in time out and now I’m in a sour mood out of either guilt for yelling or just having my serene morning upset.

Other than that work is going o.k. a bit slow now that I have an end-date, May 27th.  A number of the Councilmembers have offered to write me letters of reference which will come in handy once I get down to L.A. Well time to get some coffee and get to work.