nothing in particular

A couple of weeks ago I had written that I was frustrated with my weight. I just couldn’t seem to motivate myself to really do anything. I picked up a copy of the South Beach Diet and read it. It’s really pretty amazing. I’ve been struggling with the weight watchers count this count that and not really seeing much in the way of results. This isn’t true with S Beach. I’ve gone from 258 down to 245 this morning. I’ve not once been hungry and really haven’t worked out more than my daily 2 miles walk to and from work. Mostly what I’ve done is to really just cut the carbs as much as possible, more veggies as many as I want and much more fish/seafood. Nuts and cheese sticks are my snacks of choice. Puddings are a good desert. I plan on starting a cardio plan but I’d like to wait awhile longer til I see how much I can drop without the extra working out. Needless to say I’m really happy. On a side not the main push was that I got my blood work back from the doctor and it indicated that I was pre-diabetic. Diabetes (type 2) seems pretty prevalent in my family. My bad cholesterol was a bit high which its never been before. These two things kinda pissed me off and motivated me at the same time and so here I am.

I’ll be in L.A. from March 15th to the 19th. Mike will be with. There are plans to look at apartments, have a good time, visit with people and generally soak up as much sunshine as possible. Please let there be sun…