GuerilLA Freezes at 3rd St. Promenade*

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GuerilLA Freezes at 3rd St. Promenade*: “

There’s a massive world freeze planned for April 1st and since Los Angeles has recently gone abuzz with unexpected events that cause ‘chaos and joy,’ a new local group inspired by the East Coast Improv Everywhere has already gone out and accomplished some missions, including this above video from February 23rd at Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade.

The local group, who recently dubbed themselves as GuerilLA seems to have begun after Improv Everywhere flew out and pulled off a Hot Dog on a Stick musical at the Baldwin Hills Mall. Other events of a random nature and organized by people unrelated to GuerilLA put together a Mobile Clubbing party at Hollywood and Highland and a large pillow fight at Pershing Square.

Also: Over the weekend, Improv Everywhere uploaded the MP3 music (orchestral + piano versions) and lyrics to the Hot Dog on a Stick ‘Food Court Musical’ so others can do themselves in malls around the world.

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Just some geeky stuff because it was frustrating the hell out of me yesterday. I’m using Leopard on one of my machines, my main one actually. I signed up for .Mac and that is when the troubles started. Suddenly I had all of these programs, mostly iLife/iWorks programs that were starting but not showing the main window. DreamWeaver was doing the same thing and it was pissing me off. I did a google search to no avail. Well I came across one or two posts that indicated that some folks have had trouble with mac spaces. Sure enough I had used mac spaces and when I set it up I had Dreamweaver going to one space, mail to another etc.. I have since turned it off and things seem to be running a whole lot smoother. If you want to check out my updated site . Its still a work in progress. Oh and Happy Easter/Resurrection to all my fellow Pagans/Xiatians out there.

The trip to L.A. was wonderful. It was cool by L.A. standards but compared to Seattle it was pure heaven. We walked everywere everywere, literally. Looking through neighborhoods gathering numbers and even bumping into an old landlord. The reality of what needs to happen to get from here to there hit home and boy is it a lot. The cats, finding a place for the two of us, new jobs. Everyone is saying how much more expensive it is down there compared to Seattle and while it is more expensive for some things overall I really think its going to be about the same. Rent is definately more and will be the bigger challenge. Time will go by quickly and before you know it I’ll be writing from there and bitching about how hot and sunny it is.

Metro's Plan: It's Realistic, But Not Visionary


Metro’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
You can download the full 26-page plan here

Metro’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), which was just released this morning, takes a look ahead about 20-25 years down the road to determine what the county’s residents will need in terms of transportation options to get around the county. It covers public transportation, some biking, highways and goods movement.

The above map is the shows a basic highway and public transportation vision, funded and unfunded and we just took a quick look.

As you can see, the public’s support of both a subway down Wilshire and down Santa Monica Blvd. did not even make the unfunded part. It’s as if the decision has already been made to solely run it down Wilshire. Nor does the map indicate even a bus lane or expanded service over the Sepulveda Pass on the 405 freeway. However, it does appear that the Red Line has plans to march north beyond the NoHo Arts District and the Valley will get a few more north-south Orange Line extensions. Of course, this plan is very broad and details and questions can be asked during a series of meetings that begin at the end of his month. More to come…

Metro’s Plan: It’s Realistic, But Not Visionary

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A couple of weeks ago I had written that I was frustrated with my weight. I just couldn’t seem to motivate myself to really do anything. I picked up a copy of the South Beach Diet and read it. It’s really pretty amazing. I’ve been struggling with the weight watchers count this count that and not really seeing much in the way of results. This isn’t true with S Beach. I’ve gone from 258 down to 245 this morning. I’ve not once been hungry and really haven’t worked out more than my daily 2 miles walk to and from work. Mostly what I’ve done is to really just cut the carbs as much as possible, more veggies as many as I want and much more fish/seafood. Nuts and cheese sticks are my snacks of choice. Puddings are a good desert. I plan on starting a cardio plan but I’d like to wait awhile longer til I see how much I can drop without the extra working out. Needless to say I’m really happy. On a side not the main push was that I got my blood work back from the doctor and it indicated that I was pre-diabetic. Diabetes (type 2) seems pretty prevalent in my family. My bad cholesterol was a bit high which its never been before. These two things kinda pissed me off and motivated me at the same time and so here I am.

I’ll be in L.A. from March 15th to the 19th. Mike will be with. There are plans to look at apartments, have a good time, visit with people and generally soak up as much sunshine as possible. Please let there be sun…