Misc Obama thoughts

I’ve come to accept that news really isn’t news any longer so much has the latest social fascination. Obama’s rise in the polls is much more interesting and is reported rather than what the candidates have done or spoke about. Reporting this in some ways I think increases and influences the very rise in the polls that are being reported, most people are such lemmings anyway (why yes that is the taste of cynicism) . For the sake of full disclosure I am all for Hillary. While I have nothing against Obama, I prefer my hope with an actual dose of substance. Obama’s talk of hope is to me just that, talk. I know Hillary is gonna do something. I may not like what she does (or I may) but she will at least act decisively. She may make mistakes along the way, such as the infamous vote, but she s still gonna do something. I see a Barrack presidency as 1 term with nothing to very little done to actually move the country forward and out of this mess that is Bush’s legacy. Anyway, that’s my rant for the morning… now finishing my coffee.