At midnight tonight, state smoking ban takes effect

This makes me incredibly happy. The stupid part of this law is that there is a 25′ foot clause, meaning you technically can’t be standing (for example in line) within 25′ of the entrance. Aside from that I’m all for this. I lived in WeHO when there was smoking and the night the no-smoking went into effect I was at Mickey’s celebrating my birthday (Jan 1st). I remember how funny it was that not moments ago I was legally allowed to smoke but suddenly I was no longer able to. I’ve since quit smoking, 2 or 3 years ago this past June. Anyway, I’m definately going out this weekend.

When Initiative 901 takes effect Thursday, cigarettes will have to be snuffed out in all bars, public places and card rooms. There are no exceptions in the nation’s strictest statewide ban, aside from Indian casinos.