I finished reading 8 minuetes in the morning last week. It’s funny a friend of mine and I were talking and she was telling me about the wrinkle cure by Dr. Perricone. Well, I loaned it from the library and almost around the same time I came across 8 minutes in the morning by jorge cruise. I noticed several articles and conversations revolving arund omega oils and there importance in a healthy diet. The long story short, I started incorperating them into my diet. I’ve basically stopped adhering to weight watchers and have instead been making changes to what I eat, how often and the type of exercise I get. The result is that I feel really good (subjective) and I can fit into things better. I’ve also dropped from 252 (my heaviest) to 246 this morning. I eat well and am not hungry all of the time. The weight loss is in a two week period since really incorporating the principles into my diet. My goal weight is 200 by gay pride. Call me vain or whatever you want, I am interested in looking my best and being my best too.

Does anyone know of a livejournal client that autodetects itunes music? on the PC side.


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