Computers setup

I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail for the last week and a half. Everything has been so busy with being busy. I got a Powermac G3 last week at one of the used computer stores that I haunt. … Read the rest

What an exhausting day off I’ve had. I started at 8:30 by driving Mike to work and then I had shopping at Sam’s club, Staples (for computer stuff) and laundry. I had to wash my comforter. While I was waiting … Read the rest

I’m not quite sure what’s come over me but lately I’ve been obsessed with LA. I want to move back or at least visit. The last time I was in LA was to visit some friends. I stayed at the … Read the rest

I really dislike ambguity in people. Things are almost always yes or no. Granted there are many occasions when things are grey but I’m speaking in the sense of are you going to or not going to do something. Theres … Read the rest

A little preface. My sister sent this to me this morning. It’s one of those cutesy sort of email that sisters and mom’s send out. I read it and liked the message enough to send it on.

Two traveling angels … Read the rest

Yesterday, a friend made me breakfast and then we all hung out all day just relaxing. We went out last night to make the rounds. I always feel so dirty after I leave the Eagle. I saw one guy give … Read the rest

Happy New Years to everyone and may this year bring only good things.

Happy 40th Birthday to me! well at 8:18 this morning.… Read the rest