I couldn’t sleep very well so I got up for a bit. It’s 3:30am, and pretty cold in here. I’m physically feeling much much better, just a bit of the cough still persisting. The cats all came in and joined … Read the rest

For some reason I’m up early this morning. I slept really well last night. While perusing my usually daily online haunts I came across this little ditty. I can imagine that this would be at least as uncomfortable as having … Read the rest

I only had one class this morning, it was math.Now I’m home and couldn’t be happier. it’s mid 40’s and overcast, perfect stay indoors weather. I don’t have clases tomorrow, so I can finally catch up on my Networking class. … Read the rest

I went over to Joeys houe last night. I had such a good time. We had a few drinks and just hung out for a bit talking and just enjoying each others company. I spent the night and got home … Read the rest

Just got back from my date. Dinner was really good. The man can cook one mean chicken curry. We played candyland and talked afterwards, a bit of cuddling and just nice times all around. I left feeling really good about … Read the rest

I have another date tonight with Joey. I’ve been looking forward to it since last night. Speaking of last night, oh my god, if you haven’t tried Dominos Philly Chesse Steak pizza you have not idea what you’re missing. They … Read the rest

Just a note while I’m in class, Unix class. It’s my last one of the day. We’re talking about vi. Anyway, none of this is terribly interesting. I did make some delicous soup, Navy bean to be exact yesterday. I … Read the rest