Dean Dean he's our man

Taken directly from Scott Hackers website, cause he expressed so clearly my feelings about Dean.

Stirring campaign announcement speech by Howard Dean. The more I learn about him, the more I like. And more than any candidate I’ve known of, Dean is using the collaborative power of the internet to build support. All politicians and candidates have had web sites, but Dean has a blog and a meetup space. More importantly, he’s somehow managed to generate more backing funds in a shorter period of time than analysts figured he’d be able to. There’s a lot to his platform, but what seems to be lighting fires is his blunt declaration that we’re not just living through a standard right-wing pendulum swing — the country has been taken over by extremists who don’t represent what most Americans believe America stands for.

3 hungry cats, no wet food at 630am is a very very bad thing. Tobey, adorable though annoyingly vocal as he is was having none of it. Poor Mike was trying to keep him quiet but he was determined to let me know (I was sleeping) that he wanted his wet food, damn it. I of course without the benefit of caffiene yet, and of course only recently having quit smoking was probably just as foul tempered as I could be at having been awakened at such an unspeakable hour. In other words I got up yelled at Tobey, had some coffee and am typing this now, seeing as I’m finally awake. Bad kitty, bad bad kitty.