I’ve been at the new job now for almost 2 weeks. I finished up my training after the first 3 days and am now sitting with a more experienced employee, learning the in’s and outs of the system. I received … Read the rest

So I’ve been at the new job now for almost a week. The commute into work up and around Lake Washington isn’t really all that bad at all, about 35 mins total commute time. The people that I’m working with … Read the rest


Good luck in NY. I am hoping that it is work. I’ll catch you up on things here. I had an interview at AT&T Wireless for an internal technical position. They made me an offer on Friday for six … Read the rest

Well I’m sad to share that Mike and I have seperated. He came home tonight and wanted to talk with me. We talked for almost an hour. He told me that he hasn’t been happy in our relationship since about … Read the rest